Frosties Srilanka

Frosties Srilanka

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 9 months ago

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By now everyone's heard of the rolled ice cream craze and everyone's practically trying to get their hands on one for the general satisfaction of eating rolled ice cream and to show it off on their Instagram!

We dropped by Frosties at Ratmalana to check out their latest additions to the menu and tried out what they offered as the fast sellers. The venue maybe quite far - and we we're wondering if the trip was worth it.

Here's our thoughts!


Oreo Nutella Frost Roll | Rs.450

You and I both know that Oreos and Nutella is everyone's weakness. But with both combined, it's a direct hit! The rolled ice cream had crunchy Oreos crushed into the milk based texture they use to make the ice cream. We enjoyed the rocky Oreos hit our tongue as we melt of the frozen treat. With the generous amount of Nutella squeezed on top gave it a delightful garnish and hazelnut flavour.

Mango ICE | Rs.480

Tropical fruits are a major yes in Sri Lanka and with mango season we know that we must make the absolute best out of the delicious mangoes. Fresh mangoes cut into mini cubes and massacred in the frozen table (jokes) with their secret milk based cream. Topped with a fresh mango pulpy sauce and pieces of mango makes this the most refreshing thing you'd find on the menu!

Choco Mint Katty | Rs.450

Not everyone's a fan of mint, but once you are there's no going back! A beautiful alien green with loads of mini chocolate chips and a dash of chocolate sauce. We're talking about a mint based ice cream that's not too overpowering where it makes it difficult to eat, but with a decent sublet amount.


The ice creams were nearly rolled in five respective pieces in a clear plastic cup, garnished with the relevant toppings and whipped cream.


The owner was a really nice lady, who was kind enough to tolerate us humans and the rolled ice creams surprisingly reached our table super fast!

Interior & Ambience

Tumblr looking seating with wooden tables and garden chairs with outdoor seating too. We found the place to be quite crammed up and can get a tad bit uncomfortable.


All those who live around Frosties are pretty lucky to get a decent place to find delicious rolled ice cream. But for people like us, we'd most probably reconsider before taking a complete trip all the way just for Frosties! (Open a branch in Colombo please)

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No 67, Athidiya Road, Ratmalana Ratmalana 10350

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