Frosty Roll

Frosty Roll

Reviewed by Husein Esufally | 5 months ago

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Halal Factors

If you end up at Excel World, roll on down to Frosty Roll for a refreshing dessert after a tiring day! This ice cream parlour has a reasonable variety of old classics and new innovations for everyone to try.\



Choco Blast | Rs.450

Skipped breakfast? I bet you did! Not to worry, the strong burst of Nutella, assisted by the mild hints of Oreo from the Choco Blast gives you the ultimate combo for a sweet breakfast. Additionally, the sprinkled Koko Crunch has that crunchy texture similar to that feeling of munching on a bowl of crispy cereal. To top it all off, it’s all fused together with silky smooth ice cream leaving you with a sugary aftertaste. It really doesn’t get any better than this!

Electric Shock | Rs.430

Blackcurrant, passion fruit and pineapple… salivating yet? The strong sweetness from the blackcurrant infused ice cream is balanced by the satisfyingly sour passion fruit syrup and slices of bitter pineapple. If you ever need a quick and long lasting burst of fruity, delicious energy, this is your best bet!

Milo Magic | Rs.400

Whoever said too much milk was bad for you has not tried this enchanted dessert. Frosty Roll has perfected the cream to milk ratio, producing a well balanced, sweet and magical dish. Topped with Milo balls and Milo powder, you get an extra smash of Milo that lasts minutes after you finish! If you are a Milo fan, this is definitely one for you to try!

Coffee Kat | Rs.420

Like ice cream? Like coffee? This caffeine charged dessert’s bitterness is not overpowering as the slight hints of Kit Kat soften it, making it a refreshing snack after a stressful day. However, while the added sweetness of the whipped cream and chocolate chips augment the sweetness, the coffee flavour becomes very diluted. As such, I would recommend increasing the coffee concentration to strengthen that coffee aftertaste.



Despite it being their grand opening, the team managed to pull through, delivering items efficiently and as fast as can be expected.

The staff were super friendly and obliging, thereby gifting their customers a pleasant experience before even trying the food!



In one word - clever. Even if the ice cream rolls weren't perfect, they were hidden with the spray of whipped cream and the topping! Consequently, each dessert looked sophisticated and tempting to tuck into.


Interior and Ambience

Decorated with a trendy minimalist concept, the ice cream parlour draws in customers with their witty quotes on the wall and their tasteful decor; it creates a lively yet relaxed atmosphere — the best to dig into your rolled ice cream!

The parlour is quite small: not many people can fit in it. You would most likely have to order it to go but if you get an empty table, take a seat, eat your ice cream and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing ambience.


Ice cream will always have a place in everyone's heart as being the standard food to binge on at any time of the day. If you want something more specific to satisfy your cravings, be it fruity, milky or chocolaty, Frosty Roll’s diverse menu is sure to meet your needs. The ice cream was a bit icy because it was on the ice pan for too long but correcting that requires practice, and with practice comes perfection.

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