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Good Life Cafe

Reviewed by Tenisha Buell | 11 months ago

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Come one, come all; you health conscious, gym-loving, fitness-devoted souls – and even those of you who are looking for some guilt-free, feel good food! Located right next to The English Cake Company where many spend their time indulging, The Good Life Café challenges the sugar filled cake shop with an array of healthy, and not to mention, SUPER YUMMY smoothie bowls and other fit foods that will definitely make you want to change the way you eat!

Mango Tango | Rs.700

A blend of coconut milk, banana, mango, pineapple with columns of coconut flakes, unsweetened granola and mango on top – WOW! This fresh tangy bowl of goodness is the perfect breakfast when you’re on the go! The refreshing flavours of mango and pineapple with the creamy coconut milk will make you feel like you’re eating a bowl of tropical sunshine!

Acai Bowl | Rs.700

This superfood bowl could completely turn your day from bad to ridiculously good with its combination of acai, almond milk, strawberries and bananas topped with banana, granola, coconut flakes and more strawberries – a bowl that is seriously too good to be true! An icy cold tropical thunder is how we’d like to describe this! We were able to finish this is in 5 minutes flat! The sour strawberries and the sweet banana complimented each other perfectly in each melodious mouthful! *speechless*

Cold Pressed Apple Pie Juice | Rs.350

After a sip of this, we had to stop and just process how good this apple pie juice was because wow! AND it's cold pressed! Apple, carrot and cinnamon have never looked so good together! We could easily have a coca cola sized bottle of this and drink it like it's water!

Cold Pressed ABC Juice | Rs.350

Very similar to the apple pie; it had a very earthy flavour from the beetroot along with refreshing flavours of apple and carrot, reminding us of the apple pie juice.

Low Sugar Banana Muffins | Rs.300

These were definitely more APPEALING than we thought! A perfectly moist muffin bursting with flavours of banana – we absolutely loved this! A lil shoutout to Butter Boutique for nailing this healthy, low sugar muffin.

Choco Monkey  | Rs.600

The ideal treat for a chocolate lover who also wants to be healthy! When you put together coconut water, coconut milk, banana, dates, cacao and a little mint, you'll end up with this crazy drink of healthy monkey madness!

Greek Yoghurt  | Rs.700

The only way to describe this jar from heaven is WOW! Home-made Greek yoghurt topped with home-made unsweetened granola, slices of banana and honey! It was out of this world – the firm Greek yoghurt had a strong tart flavour which was balanced out by the sweet banana and honey,

and the granola gave the each mouthful a delightful crunch along with creamy banana and yoghurt! Kudos to The Good Life Café for hitting the right spots with this jar because it was seriously fantastic!


The smoothie bowls were our absolute favourite in terms of presentation – it looked like one of those images you would find on Tumblr because it was a sight for sore eyes! The bowls come with their base and on top you will find the toppings neatly presented in gorgeous looking columns!


The staff did not communicate much unless asked a question, which is when they are helpful and prompt with the items on the menu and whatnot.

Interior & Ambiance

A small white and green themed, aesthetically pleasing setting with both an outside and inside seating area! (Perfect for your Instagram feed ;)) However, the wooden chairs are inconveniently heavy and difficult to sit in, especially if you’re over 5’6.


May it be for a pre workout or post workout snack, or just a healthy breakfast - Good Life Café is the place for you! At this place, you can eat AND drink your meals. Head down there for your daily dose of guilt free/vegan/gluten-free fix.


Side note: They have their own brand specialising in gluten-free, vegan products such as acai and cacao; they also sell other vegan options out of their brand such as egg replacer and gluten free brownies etc.

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