Harpo's Pizza

Harpo's Pizza

Reviewed by Sarah Faisal | 11 months ago

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Gone are the days where we had to share photos of gigantic pizzas from other countries on Facebook and tag our friends so they could comment 10 crying emoticons in a row. Harpo’s serves the 22’’ at an affordable cost that you can enjoy when your friends are over or when your boyfriend isn’t texting you back.

Food & Drinks

Crispy Calamari

This dish was the perfect way to kick start our meal. There was a generous amount of squid on the side with fresh veggies. It was well seasoned with subtle flavors careful not to overpower the natural flavor of the squid. It was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, just like my editor *wink wink wink*.

Pizza Cattiatore

The pizza looked really tempting with bell peppers cut in large pieces, and the chunks of buffalo mozzarella that has been melted in most parts of this pizza visible to the naked eye. With a compelling tomato-ish flavor it was loaded with cheese and with the flavors combined, we are definitely happy we chose this.

Pizza Torino

Pizza Torino is what I like to describe as ‘’bursting with flavors’’. The keema was what stood out as it had a very curry flavor to it, the masala was such a delight when the rest of the topping; pepperoni, ham, chicken and beef was combined. The chicken was well cooked and did not have much flavor and the ham and pepperoni were cut in thin slices and was of the perfect texture. The flavors from the keema was definitely overpowering the rest of the toppings and it definitely wasn’t loaded with cheese but it exceeded our expectations from what we thought it would be to reading off the menu.

Sea Food Canneloni

The superfluous amount of sauce that was added in this made the cannelloni a little soggy, it had a plenty of crab and had the natural flavor well preserved. It was super soft and basically melts in your mouth and it definitely keeps you coming back for more even if you are not a fan of crab.

Homemade Ginger Beer

This flavor is your granny’s recommendation for sore throat, but its only best when served chilled. Ironic. It was very refreshing and the flavor of ginger was very original and fresh, it does get a little bitter when kept out for long but if you drink it when it's chilled you will absolutely love it.


This drink is basically a refreshing punch and I really enjoyed the well balanced salt-sugar ratio. It came chilled with lime pieces in it and this is probably the best drink to quench your thirst these days with global warming and stuff.


The pizza came in wooden boards which gives you the same feeling when you eat rice off banana leaf. The generous amounts of toppings made the pizza look so good and we couldn’t wait to dig in. The rest of the dishes came in white plates and they let the beauty of the food speak for itself.


Friendly and attentive staff who know their way around the menu is definitely one of the most important thing about a restaurant and Harpo’s got that right. Unless you are going to question them about the origin of every ingredient in your pizza, it’s all good.

Interior and Ambience

Harpo’s has good lighting for all your Instagram needs and the place is set up in a way that won’t look crowded even when it is. It has the perfect vibe for a hangout with a group of friends and you can laugh a little loud without the fear of being judged.


Harpo’s is definitely keeping up international standards and we are proud of them, affordable prices and high quality is definitely one of the best reasons to why you should check them out!

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