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Halal Factors

Hazari’s is one of the most well known restaurants for specialising in Arabic food and we dropped in to check if the quality has remained constant after they moved from Thimbirigasyaya to Marine Drive.

They have some interesting dishes and their focus on one type of cuisine has definitely helped them maintain their standards.



Cream of Mushroom Soup | Rs.390

This cream of mushroom wasn’t very creamy and I felt it could’ve been a little thicker. There were very small pieces of mushroom that teases your taste buds assuring you that this is indeed cream of mushroom soup every time you start doubting it. The well flavoured chicken broth did save the day with its strong, salty flavour that I really enjoyed coming from the soup. There is plenty of room for improvement!


Calamari | Rs.590

The calamari came cut in large circles with a thin coating which made sure we tasted more of the calamari’s natural flavours. Although the portion size is a little too small, it tasted satisfactory. If you are planning on sharing appetisers, this is not the choice for you.


Mixed Grill Platter | Rs.2600

The unspoken rule of Arabic food is heavy portions. We need to see heavy portions on the plate and when the eyes are happy, you know your stomach is happy. The portion size was enough for 3 to share and we also have nothing to complain about when it comes to the flavours.

The platter consisted of 2 sticks of chicken; both flavoured differently and two sticks of grilled beef.

The tandoori chicken flavour was over in the blink of an eye and that is how tasty it was, with a strong seasoning it was also cooked perfectly with a slight hint of smoky aftertaste coming from it. This was an absolute delight and we will definitely order more of this next time.

The smoked chicken was seasoned well with salt, pepper and oregano and with sprinkles of lemon juice; this was our next favourite. The chicken was moist on the outside and cooked perfectly on the inside, it also had enough oil to qualify as an Arabic dish.

The smoked beef had a little less flavour compared to the chicken but it was definitely up-to our expectations. The beef was a little hard to chew, but that is not going to stop you from digging into this. Squeeze on some lemon juice into this and you will definitely not regret it. Dip it in some garlic sauce and try it with the khubuz.


Tabbouleh | Rs.440

Tabbouleh is definitely one of the most beloved dish of the arabs #truelove and with the utmost fear I took a spoonful of this because if this was prepared badly, I might cry. However, Hazari’s saved my tears and did the best they can to do justice to the dish. Although they might have to increase the amount of lemon juice they put in it or give us more lemons to squeeze into this because I want LEMON!!!


Cinnamon and Chocolate Drip | Rs.360

Before you cut this, make sure you have the camera ready for a slow motion video because this is your moment. As you cut this beauty, there is a generous amount of chocolate inside that oozes out and the chocolate and cinnamon combination will have you licking off the plate (I did). This is enough for 2 people to share but I don’t think anyone would share this with you so I suggest you place your own order.


Chicken and Hummous | Rs.920

This dish is what you'd think if you mixed the two of the above mentioned ingredients and it also tastes the exact way you expect it to. The chicken was grilled and shredded into pieces and boneless (which is a good thing). The hummus was pretty much your average kind without anything special, it had the right consistency and the level of graininess! We enjoyed the flavour of both the smoky grill and the dull vibes of the hummus, a little bit of spiced sauce would have made it taste better giving you that zing.


Watermelon Juice | Rs.290

The drink was too watery, we found it had a light hint of a watermelon taste which proves to admit that the fruit used wasn't the best of quality! It also wasn't really sweet, and it ended up being a chilled water with a melon essence. Disappointed.


Mint Fresh Iced Tea | Rs.240

This was precisely pouring a cold peppermint flavoured liquid into your mouth, (almost like you chewing gum and the strong mint hits you) along with the subtle feel of the tea. It wasn't very exciting but it also won't suit all palates, therefore do make sure that you only order this if you already have a profound love for all things mint.


Grape Fruit and Strawberry Fizz | Rs.260

Possibly the tastiest out of the three we tried but it still lacked the flavour we were aiming for. It was most certainly fizzy and not the horrible soda kind either. We found an overpowering flavour of the grape than the strawberry, it was quite acidic and had a tangy taste and we enjoyed it with the food!



Served in white plates, the colours of the ingredients spoke for itself. The dishes were arranged attractively and we were satisfied with how pleasing it all looked.



The waiters didn’t write our order down and told us he’d remember it. Surprisingly, he did remember it all and got the order right. I wonder if they go through a memory test during the interview process. They were friendly and nice but didn’t quite know their way around the menu.


Interior and Ambience

The place had a simple interior with a plenty of seating, the glass walls make the place look less crowded and the view of the beach elevate the entire ambience.      



Hazari’s is a decent place to have a good Arabic food. Although there is room for improvement, we were pretty impressed with the quality of the food. We recommend you dip everything you eat with the garlic sauce they give and you can thank us later.        

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