Hebrews Café

Hebrews Café

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 8 months ago

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The brand new café down Rajagiriya finally opened up to the general public last week! We were quite enthralled to check it out especially since it had such a unique name and we were more or less curious.

The space was located conveniently and had ample parking space which meant that you don’t have to ever hesitate before you head out silently praying you’d find a neat spot. Furthermore, Hebrew’s has friendly staff that welcomes you in like family and you feel like you’re walking into some rustic American café down Texas or something. 

Here’s what we checked out!


Iced Mocha | Rs.500

Having tried iced mocha in absurd quantities, I had to give it a shot here as well since they mentioned that they are quite popular for their coffee. There I awaited a rich creamy drink, only be served with a low quality watered down coffee. Definitely felt the burn in my wallet with this one.


Watermelon | Rs.200 

A watermelon juice can never be the fault of the juice maker since it all depends on the fruit and if you made the right choice when you chose your fruit. The drink was very refreshing and we loved the right amount of sweetness along with the thick pulp. On the downside, the only problem was that the drink wasn’t cold enough in this terrible weather and it took a while for the ice to melt.


Cappuccino | Rs.380

The cappuccino once again was nothing special, it was pretty much an average drink you’d get from a filter coffee machine. The coffee wasn’t strong and it had too much froth and milk before the actual taste of the “roasted coffee beans” hit you.



Panini Spicy Grilled Chicken with Mozzarella Cheese | Rs.600

I was excited when I ordered this Panini for two reasons; I was hungry and it said spicy grilled chicken! The Panini is a grilled sandwich where they’ve used the ciabatta bread, along with loads of mozzarella cheese that basically oozed out in cheesy goodness which was super boomerang relevant. Now here’s to the sad part, the “grilled chicken” wasn’t exactly grilled and was pretty dry. The item had very limited amount of ingredients which tasted quite bland  –  I was pretty desperate when I had to ask for some ketchup.


Cheese and Onion | Rs.450 

This item wasn’t what we were expecting. Two slightly toasted bread smothered with a thick layer of butter along with large rings of caramelized onions and crushed cheddar. It gave out a pretty interesting flavor but we found it insanely fattening with the dollops of butter that was quite inconvenient since it got pretty messy.  


Eggs Benedict | Rs.600

The perfect benedict! You know they've done a solid job when you sink your knife into that egg and out trickles the lovely yolk. This is from their all day breakfast menu which is a good thing because who wouldn’t want to try Benny’s at four in the evening? The gooey eggs with the smoked chicken ham was pretty delicious atop a homemade English muffin that was a little too chewy.



Apple Pie | Rs.500

The apple pie was quite disheartening mostly because they brought out the dessert right when we were tucking into our mains! Apart from that, the apple pie was delicious. We adored how it had a very crumbly and crispy tart base with a cinnamon infused cooked apple stuffing. Topped with vanilla ice cream, each spoonful was rewarding.



Like we mentioned earlier the staff were extremely friendly and they adored having customers! These people are always on the lookout for constructive criticism to make your next experience much better.


The food and drinks were presented in the basic drink jars and white plating. There wasn’t anything that stood out in presentation, however the interior gave out a decent look for your Instagram feed.

Interior and ambience

The place was insanely pleasing, and looked absolutely stunning. We adored the outdoor seating in the shades of blue and yellow, along with an ample of space and aesthetically pleasing light brown wood. From the photo frames and the black chalk board, the homey feel was real. However, the place isn’t air conditioned! (We need AC in this drought approaching weather please)



Our high hopes and expectations came crashing down when the food and drinks weren’t on par to the standards we expected. There is yet so much to improve on, and we’d cut some slack since it’s a newly opened café and we would love to re visit once they’ve got things sorted!

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1080, Sri Jayewardenepura Mawatha, Rajagiriya

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