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Halal Factors

Gone are the days we have to take a trip down to Galle Face to have some issos which only comes in wades. We prove that we are typical Sri Lankans whenever we hear the word isso and jump over the moon. Who wouldn’t love issos, right?

Understanding the archetypal mindset of Sri Lankans, Isso has progressively gained trust with their initiative of specialising only in serving exclusive isso dishes! Located at a chic spot, the restaurant gives a whole new contemporary feel to eating issos and this is what we feel about them!

Food & Drink

Okay, they specialise in isso dishes. What next? Choosing the types and styles of your meal, of course! Customising our combo meal was as easy as picking off items under a diverse range of sizes, styles and carbs from a simple menu.

Combo Meal | Rs.990

We picked out a Rich & Red style, large prawns, Cous Cous as well as a salad that had fresh veggies (the salad was complementary). The Cous Cous seemed bland and dry, but then it transforms into a really tasty item when soaked with the prawn gravy. The gravy was milky and contained a fair amount of prawns. The prawns were even tastier and added such a delightful flavour to the whole meal. Well – it does have to steal the spotlight as it is the main here!

Executive Lunch Pack | Rs.550 

It wasn’t anything special. Basically, it was Fried Rice with chili paste, green leaves and…spicy prawns dipped in hot sauce! We guess it’s worth mentioning that it is an appetizing meal though.

Jaffna Prawn Curry with Garlic Roast Paan (Rs.900) - Frantic for more prawns, we next had a go with their Jaffna Prawn Curry with a slice of Garlic Roast Paan and salad. The dish gave out a really spicy and hot taste and due to its intense flavour we can clearly name it an authentic Jaffna cuisine. Plus, the salad and the well-roasted bread were undoubtedly fresh. Although, we were able to appreciate the tang of garlic flavour, the bread seemed a bit burnt.

King Coconut Water | Rs.200

We got ourselves a fresh King Coconut Water that was gracefully presented in the shell of the King Coconut itself. It was just the same as any normal King Coconut Water being sold in a cart by the road. There were no added flavours as well as sugar – simply making it a fresh drink.

Peach & Raspberry Iced Tea | Rs.300

Not quite satisfactory, yet it could be something to quench your thirst on a scorching day maybe? – but, yes…the glass bottle was quite catchy and it seemed to be supplied to Isso by other manufacturers.



The presentation was very convenient as our Combo Meal was served in a neat plastic box that had three divisions for the salad, Cous Cous and the prawn curry. On the other hand, the executive lunch pack came in a handy cardboard box.


The cashier was very friendly when we were placing our orders and was helpful in suggesting which options were good. The other staff were very busy with the preparations of the orders and our interaction with them was low. No complaints there!

Interior & Ambience

Sri Lanka has taken a turn in offering contemporary styled restaurants and we do have to say that Isso was certainly a place that looked as if it was stolen from one of those foreign cottages – only that Isso was very much colourful, adding a sense of serenity to the ambience. Their furniture was all wooden and they had lovely decorations neatly placed on top of the tables.


we loved Isso! They may have quite a few undetected minuses such as smaller portion of food for the price paid -overall they get two thumbs-up!  

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