Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Reviewed by Hafsa Killru | 12 months ago

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A lush restaurant that purely serves all types of Indian and Chinese food, Indian Summer is a place that we’d remember. From the time, you walk in you’d probably have Jai Wolf’s – Indian Summer playing on the back of your mind!

Food & Drinks

Orange Juice 

We do not have much comments about this, but as usual the fresh orange juice overpowered with sour side of things. But we found it quite refreshing and it would be ideal if they also offered syrup for those who preferred it sweeter.

Papad with Dips

This was good enough to tame our hunger pangs while we waited for our meals. The three different types of dips were; mango chutney (a sweet and tangy burst), mint chutney (the slight mint with coconut milk, but we found it watery) and tamarind sauce. 

Chicken 65

Now, we need an appetizer before starting off with the main course, don’t we? Our eyes grabbed the attention of Chicken 65 on the menu and this was what we got. A dish full of small chicken chunks with sautéed mustard seeds, onions and fresh pieces of tomato with fried curry leaves for garnish, this was absolutely a delight!     

Fish Biriyani 

Tired of trying all things chicken, we opted for a Fish Biriyani. Well, we must say we were not at all dissatisfied. Instead, it was a filling meal, that used seer fish which made the meat very juicy absorbing the secret Indian spices they used. The colorful grains of basmati rice, looked enticing!

Chinese Noodles

Heard about crispy noodles served with a thick sweet chili sauce? This was something we have never tried before and it was certainly interesting and surprisingly something we’d re order.

Gulab Jamun

This dessert was more than enough for one. About the taste? It was so hot yet soft and sweet, and our mouth was flooded with the cardamom flavored sugar syrup. The best part about the Gulab jamun was the crushed cashew garnish.


Food that hits your hunger pangs? These defined that. The meals clearly showed they were presented neatly in a very mouthwatering manner.

Interior & Ambience

We loved the outdoor seating with the tables decorated with floral centerpieces that was overlooking the busy road. The restaurant was quite opulent owing to its interior as well as furniture. Let us add that it was pretty much relaxing.


Indian Summer really did satisfy us with their extensive menu and the variety they had to offer. We must say – we loved how the dishes were well presented and didn’t lack on the authenticity. Indian Summer will continue to be a favorite.

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42, Horton Place, Colombo 00700

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