Jam Rolled Ice Cream

Jam Rolled Ice Cream

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 11 months ago

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Colombo's finally got the rolled ice cream craze, right down Thimbirgasyaya road, next to Cafe Shaze. It's a sleek new spot with your favorite craving! We're talking about rolled ice cream, to be picked from an extensive menu to even creating your own to mini pancakes and crepes, that's perfect on the go!

EAT checked it out today at their official grand opening! #AbsoluteLove

Food and Drinks

Mini pancakes | Rs.500

Now these have a variety to choose from and we picked out the Nutella sauce as our topping! The pancakes were literally so cute and were soft and fluffy and tastes just right once popped into your mouth! The thick Nutella drizzle on top is always to die for and with a combination of the pancakes, you might just lose it. The portions were quite huge for the price and totally worth it.

Original Waffle | Rs.500

Finding a really good textured waffle in Colombo is like finding the right man! And we've got the best at Jam. First of all it looks stunning - meaning you can make all your friends go crazy over snaps and Instagram. Second, it goes in line in terms of flavour too! The waffle was crispy on the sides and light and fluffy at the center, a light golden brown color and rich, creamy yet perfectly cooked taste topped with delicious maple syrup. Delicious.

Oreo shake | Rs.475

It's pretty certain an Oreo shake can never go wrong if there's enough and more Oreos! The shake was thick and in a perfect consistency with loads of blended Oreos! The best part? You'd find crushed Oreos right at the bottom, if you can't find a spoon just remember its finger licking good! (such a terrible KFC pun for Oreos)

Chocolate Fest | Rs.500

This is rolled ice cream in a vanilla base with mars and snicker chocolate broken down in the ice cream topped with whipped cream and chunks of Snickers on top. This ice cream was far more thicker and creamier than the rest due to the fact that it had so many pieces of chocolate in the ice cream itself, giving you a taste of chocolate paradise inside your mouth!

Fruity blast | Rs.500

This certainly didn't live up to the first half of the name! We only got chunks and purée of strawberry and no other " fruits ". However, we were certainly tad disappointed! The freshly puréed strawberries in the vanilla base is OH MY GOD; so refreshing and just amazing (please call it the strawberry blast? Not the Fruity)

Crepes Cheese & Sausage | Rs.575

The crepes were in an easy to carry pack and were crispy as well as savory, with slices of sausage, melted cheese and mayo! It's a perfect snack for a busy day!


The presentation was in their official cups and take away boxes which is perfect for the go and with convenience .


Since it was their very first day, the place was pretty packed and yet we did get our orders fast, although the ice creams did take over 20 minutes at rush times.

Interior & Ambience

The concept is very classy and simple - with metal chairs, white-washed, bricked walls, colorful lights and the giant Jam board.


We're super happy we now have a spot in Colombo to get delicious ice cream, waffles and pancakes! We'd love to see more stores popping up of course! (And the fruity blast needs a makeover for its name).

For more pictures: http://tv.eat.lk/2k8Zsq6

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65, Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 5 Colombo
Tel : 011 5 922264

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Mon - Sun: 2 pm to 10 pm

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