Jolly's Ice Cream

Jolly's Ice Cream

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 9 months ago

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Fazir who lived in Russia had a passion and love solely for ice cream (which is a good thing considering the unbearable heat) and loves to experiment on new flavours everyday at his very own ice cream making factory (shh. It's top secret, very much like Wonka's chocolate factory)

From their colourful Instagram and interesting flavours, we we're super curious to find out more! Although located all the way down at the Hi Life Shopping Mall in Koswatta, we we're worried if the trip was worthwhile.

Fortunately reaching the spot and checking out the ice cream joint, boy we were glad!

Here's what our lucky tastebuds had!


Ice Cream Scoops

Swiss Chocolate | Rs.120

They've got a couple of chocolate flavours to suit everyone! From silky smoothness, to a bitter aftertaste. The Swiss chocolate uses premium cocoa and gave you a strong cocoa flavour with a rich creamy base. We found it to be an entirely different chocolate ice cream, but we got to admit - we loved it. The scoop was dressed in a swirl of chocolate sauce and a sprinkle of mini chocolate chips!

Blackcurrant | Rs.120

This is a special flavour and not something that's constantly available! It was in a bright pink with a very sweet flavour. At first the sweetness overpowered the treat and finally we got the aftertaste of the black current. Not quite what we expected.

Kiri Kopi | Rs.120

Who doesn't love milk toffee? Kiri kopi is a Sri Lankan fusion of a "kiri kopi" and actual coffee ice cream. It smelled like freshly brewed coffee and it had a frozen fresh milk, coffee infused flavour! The fact that it had roasted and blended coffee beans gave it the extra caffeine punch.

Bubblegum | Rs.120

The feeling you get once you take a spoonful is surreal. Imagine popping a piece of gum and before you can start chewing it magically melts in your mouth leaving you in a state of confusion. That's exactly what this does! An original bubblegum flavour with the bright blue to brighten anyone's day gives you the ultimate bubblegum experience.

Butterscotch | Rs.120

With a not so common flavour in Colombo we found this to be insanely good. We found the butterscotch flavours at large with the right amount of sweetness. Furthermore that fact that it had their very own homemade sauce which was once again only compliments the ice cream.

Double Scooper Range

Swiss Chocolate & Cardamom Aroma | Rs.190

The double scooper range is possibly the best thing when you can't imagine life choosing just one! We picked the Swiss chocolate and cardamom aroma ice cream for a magical twist! The cardamom was incredible, we loved the aroma of the spice along with the creamy kulfi like flavour making it a very desi ice cream. Mix it with Swiss chocolate and their in delectable toppings.


Jolly's Splits

Mango Split with Ice Cream | Rs.280

Not a fan of splits, solely for the reason that it can alter the original flavour of the ice cream. However this changed everything. Fresh mangoes cut into mini cubes along with their homemade

fresh mango sauce poured atop of three bright yellow mango scoops! It was a mango haven! Honestly speaking this didn't taste like mainstream mango ice cream, in fact you taste how fresh they are! A refreshing (and healthy) option.


Although we were quite greedy and wanted to get the originals flavours of the ice cream without it being influenced by the toppings, the ice creams are usually looking far more elegant with the nuts, sauce and sprinkles. We found the split and the double scooper looking super Instagram worthy.


The Jolly's staff although low on conversation, they most certainly worked efficiently and showed much respect and patience while you're struggling to choose. (How can you choose with so many flavours? #firstworldproblems)

Interior and Ambience

There isn't much to say about this since it's a take away outlet and you get a few ceramic garden seating with an umbrella to keep the heat away.


 Jolly's still got a lot of competition despite being homemade, the fact that they can improve on the richness bringing it to a premium level would be the jackpot. Nevertheless, if you're craving for ice cream, and if you want to try a few interesting flavours for a really good price - It's Jolly's!

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