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Kumbuk Kitchen

Reviewed by Tenisha Buell | 11 months ago

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After a ridiculously successful turnout with Café Kumbuk, the lovely founders of the restaurant found it in their hearts to bless Colombo with a second outlet in a location that is beyond convenient and is smack-bang in the middle of everything! And it doesn’t stop there; Kumbuk Kitchen opens its doors to vegans and vegetarians of Colombo by serving a range of fantastic vegetarian/vegan dishes, which can also be found at their flagship outlet!


Island Chiller | Rs.400

A sip of this could leave you up and refreshed to last the entire day! Watermelon, lemon, rosemary, kithul pani and coconut water are a few of the most rejuvenating ingredients; throw them all together and you’ve got a winner!

Ceylon Punch | Rs.400

This tasted similar to their ever-so-popular Breezin juice however this has a lovely kick from the naarang which was fantastic because, as you know, we at Eat LOVE our doses of naarang!

Honey and Lemon Iced Tea | Rs.300

Slightly disappointed with this iced tea as it tasted like lemon-infused water. We would have appreciated more flavors of tea and honey in this because after all, it is a honey and lemon iced tea. However the slices of lemon gave it a detox-water like taste which was revitalizing considering how hot the day was!

Cheese and Corn Empanadas | Rs.500

These were seriously a God send! For those of you who don’t know, this is an equivalent to a Sri Lankan patty but softer. We couldn’t decide which was better, the juicy cheese and corn empanadas or the amazing sriracha mayo dipping sauce that came with it! PLUS it's vegetarian! (YAY)

Jack Fruit Sloppy Joe | Rs.750

In a word – WOW! This is the best guilt free burger you could find in Colombo! Curried and pulled jackfruit with thick slices of cheddar and slices of bell pepper between two toasty buns served with soft, sliced potato chips. And don’t try and eat this with elegance and grace because it's absolutely impossible – enjoy the juices of the burger oozing in your hands! There’s no point in us rambling on about how good this burger is because it does zero justice to how it will taste in your mouth!

Hawaiian Chicken Club Sandwich | Rs.800

This club sandwich would make you frown upon any other club sandwich you try thereafter! Some may not like the sweetness of the grilled pineapple has, which you could easily take out and eat at the end as dessert! (hehe) The club sandwich came with a side of sliced potato chips which were wonderfully salted and slightly soft. (Although the first one we picked up had been fried on one side a little too long)

Pol Sambol Toastie | Rs.600

This will surely remind you of your childhood lunch packs; for those of you who were blessed with pol sambol in a sandwich and unfortunately don’t think to make it anymore, this would be a treat for you! You could be healthy and opt for brown bread instead of the original white bread but we were not feeling healthy so obviously we opted for the white bread. Kumbuk’s version comes with a lovely poached egg which you could dip your toastie or leftover crusts into, which makes it 100 times better! The chili isn’t overpowering and adds the perfect kick to the toastie! Our 10 year old selves would definitely give this a 10/10!


All the dishes were served on light blue ceramic plates (TALK ABOUT AESTHETIC) and had the loveliest garnishes with contrasting colors, making the food visually appetizing as well!


The service as always was lovely; the only two questions we were asked were how the food was and if we needed anything else, which is more than enough service in our books as we are in for the food!

Ambiance & Interior

Since Kumbuk Kitchen is sharing their space with the Good Market store, there is no seating inside. As much we love being surrounded by the artistic nature, the day was particularly hot and had very little breeze leaving us dripping with sweat almost the entire time. This is not a reflection of the interior as it is more of a warning to future customers, implying that

they should be prepared for the heat. Bless Kumbuk’s icy drinks that kept us cool on the inside, making the experience more bearable. As always Kumbuk’s interiors are Instagram worthy so be prepared to brighten your feed.


It’s comforting to see restaurants opening their menus to vegans and vegetarians, especially a restaurant as well-known as Kumbuk. Lovin’ Kumbuk since day one; we’re aiming to try everything on their menu before they switch up again!

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