Lebanese Restuarant

Lebanese Restuarant

Reviewed by Karim Farishta | 10 months ago

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Located just off of Marine Drive, the Lebanese Restaurant’s flavorful cuisine, melodious musical beats, and generous hospitality take you right into to the streets of Beirut. The restaurant's authenthic appeal is destined to make you reminise the sounds and tastes of the Middle East.



Appetizer Platter | Rs.1150

Start off with the appetizer platter—hummus, baba ganoosh (eggplant spread), fatoosh, and a Greek salad (helpful note: just remind the waiter/waitress to bring this while you wait for your main course or else they'll bring it out with the other dishes). The platter gets you in the Middle Eastern vibe and preps for you the delicious tastes that are to come. If you’re craving creamy, but light hummus, you’re in for a treat. The hummus, topped with olive oil, is prepared with a garlicy and tzatziki kick. The eggplant spread goes great with the freshly baked pita bread, destined to make your palate crave for another slice. The eggplant is well-blended with the herbs and complements the hummus. The cucumber and mint leaf mix as well as the balsamic vinaigrette-dressed salad offer a good portion of greens and a delectable olive medley. The veggies are freshly chopped and the salad adds a refreshing touch to the meal.


Beef Shawarma | Rs.350

I’m usually not a beef entrée fan, but I’m glad I made the exception this time. The beef was very tender and had a perfect blend of spices. It was served with perhaps the best garlic sauce in town. If you're choosing between beef or chicken shawarma, choose beef this time. You won't regret it.


Grilled Chicken | Rs.600

The grilled chicken--reminiscent of a nicely broiled and marinated chicken tikka--was served with the same garlic sauce and crunchy, thinly sliced, and fresh French fries. The white meat, seasoned pieces of chicken, dipped into garlic sauce, made for a great sharable dish or could be something to enjoy on your own.


Chicken Majboos  | Rs.700

As a first-time for this dish, I was definitely sold on it. The chicken majboos was served with a tasty rice topped with cumin, cardamom, roasted cashews, and mustard. The chicken was juicy and delivered to perfection. It came with a mouth-watering gravy that made the dish one of my favorites for the evening.



Strawberry-Orange Slushie | Rs.170

The strawberry-orange slushie is a great, icy drink to help cool you down after a long day at the beach and refresh your palate for the appetizing entrees.


Avocado Juice with a scoop of ice cream | Rs.300

As an avaocado-fan, I can say hands-down that this juice was a great addition to the meal. Sweet, but not too sweet, the drink was so good that we ordered it twice.


Mixed Fruit Smoothie | Rs.300

Can't go wrong with this choice. The perfect blend of pineapple, orange, and other tropical fruits provided a good, balanced portion of fruits and delight. 



Kunafa | Rs.450

While the dinner amazing and the views were spectacular, the dessert could have been improved. The kunafa had very little melted cheese, the edges were crusty, and it didn’t deliver to my taste buds as expected.

Baklava | Rs.300

The baklava (4 pieces) were rather dry. It was more sticky than tasty. All the right ingredients were there, but it wasn't too fresh. I'd be willing to try it again for another taste.



The food looked wonderfully prepared when it arrived and didn't disappoint. The elegantly garnishes surely showed that the flavors would be just as great as the presentation.



The head chef and owner showed his sincere appreciation and the employees, both those who came to the table and those at the counter, were kind and hospitaltable. There was a slight delay in getting the order placed and the drinks in, but the dishes started coming quickly, one after another.


Interior & Ambience 

The restaurant's vibe--music and artwork-- was welcoming and set the aesthetic to match the taste. Sadly, the AC and fans weren't strong enough for the hot day but that's a quick fix that wouldn't deter me from going again.



If you're craving a classic Middle Eastern meal with a delightful zest, this home-style cooking is bound to be a good choice. The quality of the ingredients at the Lebanese Resaturant was undebatedly high and the tastes brought the authentic blend right to the seaside of Marine Drive. 

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