Let's Brunch

Let's Brunch

Reviewed by Duhan Veera | 11 months ago

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It was time for Lunch, and we headed to Let’s Brunch (See what I did there :P)

Located strategically facing the Indian Ocean, where Haig Road meets Marine Drive, the open air terrace is an excellent setting for a healthy late breakfast- early lunch especially if you are in a mood to relax and unwind. The laid back setting is just an ideal getaway if you need some time to sit in and take a deep breath.

Food & Drinks

Eggs Benedict Classic – The Cumberbatch | Rs. 990

The Eggs Benedict is served with an English Muffin and Hollandaise sauce. There are three different add-ons on the Benedict, each of them with its distinct flavor; we were served The Cumberbatch which in the menu was described as Eggs Benedict with layered spicy creamed crab.

The presentation was stunning with eggs placed on the muffin, a slice of grilled tomato to add color and to my surprise crab cakes. Tucking into the eggs, we expected the yellow to flow onto the plate, but it was a tad-bit overcooked.  The crab cakes were hard and spiky and was very difficult to eat. Though flavor and presentation was amazing, it didn’t deliver to the expectation we had from the menu.

Mango, Feta and Rocket Toast | Rs. 695

This particular dish was interesting as it had a combination of fruit and cheese in it. The slice of brown bread toast was served with rocket leaves, a juicy slice of mango and feta cheese over it.  It screamed healthy and we loved it.


Classic French Toast | Rs. 725

The classic French Toast was caramelized, served with icing sugar, honey and diced strawberries. This dish was an excellent blend of sweet and savory and a delicious conclusion to our Brunch.

The Beets | Rs. 525

This juice was made of Beetroot, Carrot, Apple and Ginger. A very rare combination of fruits or veggies for a juice, it screams healthy and energizes you through every sip you take. Beets are high in immune-boosting vitamin C, carrots are antioxidants, apples and ginger have several different health benefits. You may not like the initial taste, but soon you may get used to it and will continue to sip on.

The Tango | Rs.625

The Tango was a combination of pineapple, orange and mint. The punch from the pineapple is rather strong and overpowers the entire drink. Served with less sugar, pineapples pack with several health benefits and oranges are rich with Vitamin C. If you enjoy sour and strong flavors, this is for you!


The dishes were well presented. I loved the colors of the Eggs Benedict dish, with yellow and red contrasting each other. The Mango Toast dish was orange, green and white, The French Toast was served with strawberries. The effort to bring in color to the dishes is evident and visually appealing for a diner.


The staff were really courteous and very attentive to our requests. We were served within 15 minutes but the busier the place gets, the longer you might have to wait.

Interior & Ambience

The wall was bright and cheerful with interesting posters and pictures. The table included “color within lines” drawings with color pencils, which was a surprise and watching grown-ups coloring through, reliving their childhood was just wrought.

We loved the terrace setting facing the ocean, the wind blowing against your face and also the sound of passing trains. It is a very relaxing environment with minimum disturbance especially for those who have slept-in and looking for something healthy.


All dishes were visually appetizing, naturally healthy and value for money. However, we'd love it if the more attention is paid to the final dish, especially what is served with the Eggs Benedict. If you are looking for something healthy, a laid back and relaxing restaurant vibe, Let’s Brunch is the place for you!

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