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Let’s Taco

Reviewed by Husein Esufally | 7 months ago

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Halal Factors

I’m just going to get jalapeño business and tell you that this is the place for mexcellent food! With an innovative dining environment and long-established Mexican dishes reinvented, Let’s Taco will keep you talking after your visit.


Cheese Enchilada (Beef) | Rs.900

The excitement of stretchy melted cheese is one that will never fade. Let’s Taco’s enchilada has an oven baked tortilla wrapped in a cheesy spinach sauce that will have you salivating. One could call it a dual-layer enchilada!

The strong flavours of pepper and spinach provide a very natural taste to all the dairy in the dish. The addition of the sweet tomatoes gives a relieving sweet and fresh feeling, making the entire dish well balanced.

The thin and smooth gravy was meaty and full of earthy flavours. That was definitely the highlight of the dish as its subtle presence augments the entire dish; it gives the peppery and meaty aroma that really makes you want to lick your plate clean!


Sriracha Black Pepper Beef Taco | Rs.1300

Keeping it light and tasty, Let’s Taco presents a platter of two generously filled tacos, nachos, corn, guacamole and salsa. The Tacos being the centerpieces of the dish earned its hallmark position by its elegant set up and its enormous flavour package. The slow cooked beef was herby - its savoury qualities were paired beautifully with the spices and sauces. The addition of the tomatoes and sour cream balanced out the savoury flavors leaving you refreshed for your next bite — it's something to taco-bout!

The nachos were a fun little addition to this, giving you some extra crunchiness in addition to the hard taco. Drizzled with sour cream, the accompanying guacamole and salsa flattered the nachos giving you a kick of tangy chili - a savoury and saucy aftertaste.



Zingy Orange | Rs.350

Aptly named, this drink is full of energy and enthusiasm and sends its fruity vibes all around your body. Furthermore, the drink isn’t an intoxicatingly sweet orange juice but a perfect balance between fresh oranges and a carbonated drink.

The bountiful orange flavour is the perfect choice to cool down with on a hot, sweaty day and can be used as a clean, light and invigorating palate cleanser.



Churro cup with Vanilla Ice Cream | Rs.525

Most desserts in Sri Lanka nowadays don’t infuse local spices into their dishes, however Let’s Taco has reaffirmed cinnamon as one of the most dynamic flavours you can use with their churro cups. The integration of ice cream made the churros more moist and softened the harsh cinnamon flavors (for those of you who aren’t fans of cinnamon).

The churros were more doughy than expected and paired with vanilla ice cream, the churro cup became quite soggy on the outside yet the core remained hard; it still possessed its strong flavours despite the textural errors. Coupled with the caramel sauce, the sweet flavours of cinnamon were toned down by the bitter sauce giving it a more sensual and refined taste. Finally, the powered sugar and cinnamon combined with the melting ice cream to reinstate that wholesome cinnamon essence.

It’s churr-old vintage dessert, redesigned!


The servers were super obliging and friendly. The casual visits from them to check if the food was all right added a very personal touch to the meal making it that much more homely and nurturing. 



All the dishes were plated simply with the concept of 'you-get-what-you-see'. Full of scintillating colors and freshness, all the plates were alluring and eye-catching, making you want to dig in without any further delay!


Interior and Ambience

Ever heard of indoor-outdoor dining? Well, here's the first restaurant to try it. Let’s Taco simulates a garden dining experience with a green carpet on the ground and raw pendant lights with vines on the ceiling. What’s the difference? You don’t get wet if it rains. Additionally, the little well laid out patio gives you the feeling of being in a Mexican home!

Shifting from the relaxed garden environment, the restaurant offers a dining experience in the heart of Mexico! With wall art that makes all guests smile, the restaurant has executed their creative and unique dining ambience flawlessly!


Colombo really needed an upsurge in Mexican cuisine, and it finally does. Not only does the restaurant serve authentic Mexican food, they take it a step further and give it a touch of class and casual elegance. With food made to order, Let’s Taco gifts you with the absolute freshest and premium quality Mexican cuisine. What’s more is the dishes are flexible - they can be shared or they can be just for YOU! It is a little on the pricy side but what’s too expensive when you get the best Mexican collations in town?

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