Mabroc Bubble Tea

Mabroc Bubble Tea

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 12 months ago

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Halal Factors

The bubble tea craze took over Colombo like a storm, and the love for these drinks only keep increasing! With a few places opened up all over Colombo, we decided to give Mabroc a shot.

Mabroc has an extensive menu from which you can choose both hot and cold drinks - be it milk based or tea based or slushes as well as the types of bubbles. The drink can be topped with tapioca, flavoured popping bubbles and jellies!

With friendly staff, a great ambience and incredible prices, here's what we checked out!

Bubble Tea

Mango & Peach with Popping Bubbles | Rs.250

If we have to pick a new favourite when it comes to bubble tea, I'd make a dash for this! This drink is super refreshing and also goes along with the lines of a super flavoured iced tea, with an overwhelming flavour of both Mango & Peach. It's sweet, yet slightly tangy and the interesting bit was obviously the yellow popping bubbles.


Naarang & Lychee | Rs.250

The new addition to the menu is a local favourite and a fast seller. However, despite being called Naarang & Lychee, the Naarang overpowered the sweetness of lychees giving way to a super tangy flavor - making it more or less a very local Naarang bubble tea.

Passion Fruit | Rs.250

The passion fruit looked like a thick, fresh passion drink and it was delicious! It was milky and sweet, with a strong passion flavour living to its name! The chewy tapioca bubbles resembled chewy gummy bears and would be great for those who love those tapioca balls!

Chocolate | Rs.250

Having tried milo as a kid, this was almost similar to it in terms of flavour and consistency, although it was quite bitter like dark chocolate.

Apple & Strawberry Bubble Snow | Rs.270

Slushes are the perfect drinks for a hot summer’s day and Mabroc's got a wide range with tapioca bubbles! The bubble snow which we tried was too cold to identify flavour at first and got us thinking twice. But as we continued to drink, we got a delicious apple flavour and fell in love with it!


The drinks are beautiful with transparent cups, cute packaging and the seal with the fat, transparent colored straw.


Service was quick but it can get a little hectic during rush hours.

Interior & Ambience

Mabroc has a very colourful and fresh vibe, instantly making you feel younger with their bright deco and wobbly high chairs, circular tables with dozens of pearls on the surface, as well as a glass with water in between. The concept and ambience gets a 10/10, although we really look forward to more comfortable (and safer) seating!


We loved Mabroc - but next time we order drinks, we’d make sure to maintain the sugar level since we don’t want to end up with diabetes! Please bring back the original lychee black tea with red popping bubbles, and a larger seating capacity since it can get really stuffy inside the food court at the Odel promenade!



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