Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market

Reviewed by Hafsa Killru | 1 year ago

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Halal Factors

The ocean – beautiful with its hues of cerulean and the soft gushing of waves. Isn’t that what comes to your mind when you come across the sea. Well – we are foodies and what matters more to us is what lies beneath the surface…the seafood!

An endless list of seafood is now being offered all around the country and we have one of the best reviewed below.

Manhattan Fish Market is best known for its popular, authentic seafood cuisines. And here’s what we have to say about them!

Food & Drinks

The menu was a modified version and it consisted of new dishes – it was quite a hard decision to make with many options that looked lip-smacking in the menu itself!

We opted for:

Fried Calamari | Rs.540

Spicy Baked Fish with Rice | Rs.1090

Fish & Chips including Dory Fish | Rs.1980

Small Flame with Chips and Rice | Rs.1590

Da Bomb with Chips and Rice | Rs.1590

Sunset by the Bay | Rs.540

Blue Lagoon | Rs.390

Melon Breeze | Rs.390

Citrus Mint | Rs.440

Chocolate Milkshake | Rs.490 

Oreo Kaboom | Rs.490

Sizzling Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream | Rs.690

Have you heard about a feast for the eyes? Their dishes certainly were! The room was filled with the aroma of the sizzling food, evoking our hunger and making us very much impatient to try them out.

The Fried Calamari came in a small porcelain dish with battered calamari and capsicum along with a small cup of Chipotle sauce. The blend of the sauce with battered capsicum was truly delightful – the outer layer was quite crispy and eventually we craved for more. And they were just the starters!

We wanted to try out their main option, the Dory fish – but Manhattan provides more varieties of fish such as Barramundi, Cod, Cherry Snapper and Salmon.

The meals, however, had many little details to be enjoyed.

We were provided with two fillets of Spicy Baked Fish in a rather watery and spicy gravy. The fish had a very crispy and battered surface and it was very soft at the inside and there was no difficulty in masticating it. However, it was covered in a creamy sauce. The rice seemed customary but the main highlight was the fish.

We next tried out their popular dish – Fish & Chips. We started falling in love with their battered fish that was, once again, piquant. This had a trickled coating of Garlic Herb sauce as well – which made the batter very soft as if it was melting. On top of that, the salad complemented the dish very well.

Manhattan’s Da Bomb surely was an explosive of delight. The dish was filled with all the batter fried veggies, chips, rice and yes the main treat – the Dory fish, which very much tasted the same as the fillets of Spicy Baked but rather spicier. This also included two large prawns that were surprisingly sweet at the center even though they call it the Volcano Prawns - and all the flavours blended well with the chilly and sour sauce they provided. This was one full fiery dish!

Small Flame with Chips – well we loved how they flamed the fish at first. The process of flaming the fish makes your eyes wide open in amazement and you cannot resist the hunger craving you get when the fish smokes and you get a whiff of the smell of good food. In this, the fish was very plainly white and it tasted just fine.

Manhattan may seem to have a wide variety of options, yet their dishes almost resemble each other and it tastes just the same.

On the other hand, their drinks area great choice for a blazing day. Their icy Blue Lagoon tasted a bit like “Cream Soda” and their Sunset by the Bay contained tiny shredded pieces of peach and contained too much ice that we got a brain freeze, also making it difficult to get a vivid taste of the flavour.

However, the fizzy Melon Breeze had a stronger, concentrated flavour while Citrus Mint was very bitter and sour with its combination of mint leaves and lemon.  

The Chocolate Milkshake and Oreo Kaboom were thicker and foamy - a must try for Chocoholics!

Lastly, the Brownie had a smoky and burnt aroma after being flamed. The nuts were too sweet as well, giving us a sugar rush. Overall, it was an enjoyable dessert.


The presentation of the cuisines was a real treat to the eye as mentioned earlier and we have no complaints about it.


The staff were friendly and they started working on our order in a jiffy. We were served within 15-20 minutes of placing our orders.

Interior & Ambience

The interior was not grandiose but it was quite comfy to dine in. They have a large seating capacity. Don’t forget - your shoes are going to make some noise on the wooden stairs making eyes turn your way.


Manhattan Fish Market is one of the best places we have tried out an we would recommend them for a dining experience – only if the total bill is not an issue for you!

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You may not find the best meal first time. But, surely there are awesome pieces of seafood items. Great place.!

(11 months ago)

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