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Halal Factors

Kulfi is the ice cream equivalent in India and it's more or less a delicious street food dessert that Indians savour. Thanks to globalisation and all, you don't have to go to India to get this anymore or to an expensive Indian restaurant just to drool over the desserts menu and get butt hurt when they say they are "out of kulfi" (yes, this has happened to me on multiple occasions).


We've got Moksha now! Located with convenience on the duplication road, attracting the college and office crowd mostly seems to be the latest sweet attraction to hit Colombo!



Kulfi crunchy almond | Rs.250

Since Moksha is all about the Kulfi, the traditional ice cream that possibly tastes much better than conventional ice treats we find all over the country. Kulfi is pretty much the thicker and creamier version. This one was more or less, the BOMB. It was delicious, and you just fall in love with the wonderful almond infused flavour into the kulfi. Perfect for this horrid heat!

Paneer samosa | Rs.150

I've never tried a paneer samosa before and the moment I took a bite, I thought it was some spicy chicken filling! The samosa was nice and fat which was also wonderfully fried to a golden brown along with a filling with spicy paneer that was insanely fresh and wasn't necessarily stringy and chewy. Accompanied with fresh curd and mint chutney, makes it the perfect sauces.

Gelato Ice Cream chocolate almond chips | Rs.350

Now freshly made gelato ice cream is also made available here with a pretty exquisite flavours. The ice cream chocolate almond chips, was so rich in the chocolate element giving slight hints of the almond along with the tiny crunch of the chips. Totally worth it and absolutely loved it!

Gulab Jamun | Rs.100

Gulab Jamun so good you want more! We fell madly in love with this beauty, for its soft and perfect texture along with the sweet syrup. Unfortunately it's a little pricey and we would have preferred it to be heated.

Paneer parata | Rs.250

This is quite different considering how it tasted and looked completely unexpected. It was smothered in so much of clarified ghee butter that it was practically dripping and the parata wasn't heated up and was quite hard. We didn't exactly fall in love with this, and found the filling meh and insanely confused with where the paneer was. Either they got the item wrong, or they forgot. It was served with a raw mango pickle along with fresh curd.


The kulfi were packed in white ice cream wrappers meaning you can take it to go as well. The ice cream and the plating was in clay wood with exotic Indian inspired designs.


Interior and ambience

The interior was very basic with high chairs and round tables on one side, and dining room style seating. The ambience was alright, it was like a little posh Indian street food shop overloaded with confused employees! (Posh only because it was air conditioned)



The service was quite slow and self service and they were yet getting used with the whole system and how it works. After all it was their first day of operation!



In conclusion we absolutely loved the Kulfi which was pretty much the highlight! They have a huge range and a very long menu, with so much to offer which is great and not since you're left in confusion trying to figure out what to choose! In short we're coming back - simply for the Kulfi!

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