Momo's By Ruvi

Momo's By Ruvi

Reviewed by Duhan Veera | 10 months ago

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EAT got the opportunity to try out the newest and most authentic dumpling joint to open up in Colombo. Momo's By Ruvi has been widely promoting its launch on Instagram and we've been tempted to get our hands dirty. Located in a lane just opposite Unity Plaza, Colombo 4 next to the famous Queens Cellular, the pretty interior and the hilariously catchy tag lines will ensure a light and flavorful experience. Let's dim some lights and talk about the food now shall we? 



You can choose your dip amongst 4 sauces; Schezwan Sauce, Sambal Sauce, Chilli Soy Sauce and Chili Garlic Sauce. 
The Sambal sauce included textures of garlic, shrimp paste, ginger, Chilli and lime juice. The acidity was on point and had the exact levels of sour and tang to the sauce. 
The Chilli Soy sauce was Chilli Paste and Soy sauce with shallots. The components complimented each other, the chili did not overpower the Soy sauce but brought spice into it. 
The chili garlic sauce was nothing special but the Schezwan sauce was a really good sauce with subtle combinations of garlic, ginger, Chilli and Soy sauce. We chose the Chilli Soy and the Schezwan Sauce to go with our dim sum.


Momo Platter | Rs.1250
The Momo platter was a serving of 12 Momos and 2 Soups; serving for 2. The 12 momos included 4 steamed momos, 4 lightly fried and 4 wok fried in its sauces. We tried both the Vegetable option and the Chicken option. 

The steamed momos were steamed to perfection. Both veggie and chicken platters were soft and mouth-wateringly delicious. 
The light fried momos had a crust to the covering and was just amazing. The golden color coating was visually appealing as well as had a good crustiness to it. 
The wok fried momos were tempered momos mixed in with the sauces. Flavors of the sauce were incorporated so well that it was juicy and melt on your tongue. 

The soup was a clear soup with shallots, pepper and a little oil. It was excellent on a hot day, just refreshes your palate making you want more. 



Cheesy Beef Momos | Rs.540
These were a serving of 4 Momos with your sauce of choice. My verdict "Words can't express my fillings for you". You really need to try this out! Simply adored how delicious they were, with the cheesy goodness with every bite. 




Matcha Green Tea | Rs. 290 
The matcha was really subtle and not strong at all. It was too light for our taste and we'd also suggest to add more ice to the drink. 



Apple Green Tea | Rs. 290
The apple flavor was evident and was a wonderful drink that helped us brace the hot weather in Colombo. 



Dish presentation was kept to a minimum. White plates and white saucers added to the light feel of the food and the ambiance. 


The staff were very homely and would indulge in conversation. The food was brought out in regular intervals. Might be delayed when busy as the food is freshly handmade. 


Interior & Ambience 
The cheeky puns and minimal cute accessories bring space to an otherwise congested place. It's a great place to have a light meal, light conversation in a light environment. Though exterior of the location is unfortunate, the interiors do great justice. 


Personally, I wish Momo's by Ruvi grows stronger and stronger. Wonderful people, delicious food and a hilarious backdrop. What more can you ask for? "I'm soy into you"

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