New Amirthaa Hotel

New Amirthaa Hotel

Reviewed by Hafsa Killru | 1 year ago

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Located in midst of the jammed hotels in Galle Road is yet another spot for your average lunch or dinner. The New Amirthaa Hotel is completely a vegetarian hotel where you get everything, well, except meat.

Food & Drink

Chili Parata, Kottu, Paper Dosa and Masala Dosa – these were the typical items we tried for lunch out there.

The Chili Parata | Rs.160

Had huge pieces of Rotti, which seemed almost like thick chunks and they were all camouflaged in red chili paste (sort of like a gravy). It also included a salad which contained huge pieces of cooked onion and pineapple pieces. However, this gave away the taste of unblended chili and this actually made us sick with too much spice.

Kottu | Rs.160 

It was an average meal – It looked almost dark in colour like the Chili Parata yet it wasn’t that spicy. It had tiny veggie pieces mixed in it along with a side salad containing pineapple with pepper in it, too.

The Paper Dosa | Rs.130 

It was not that crispy but it was alright and the Masala Dosa was crustier and light, and seemed to be a filling meal.

Ginger Plain Tea | Rs.20

Initially, this lacked sugar but upon request we got a small cup of sugar to add. And we were happy for being served a larger glass of the Tea too!



We agree that we cannot expect elite presentations here but we did enjoy the spread!


Their service cannot be complained of. It was swift. And they catered to everything we requested.

Interior & Ambience

Their ground floor was crowded and packed with people yet their first floor was very neat and that we were taken by surprise. It had clean tables and even windows to help ventilate the space. We had a comfortable time there.


New Amirthaa Hotel is something you could pick for your quick meal. Avoid their Chili Parata, please.

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115, Galle road, Bambalapitiya, Colombo 4
Tel : 011 2590254

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