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Reviewed by Haleema Nazar | 8 months ago

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Halal Factors

Off The Hook is often hailed for dishing up one of the most supreme seafood experiences in the country, proudly serving the very best in traditional and contemporary styles of classic seaside dishes. 

From starters to mains to desserts, the menu had a varied range of tempting sounding dishes to choose from and we were highly eager to give our taste-buds a little treat.



Hot Butter Calamari | Rs.630 for 100g

Hot butter calamari is one of those time-honored dishes that is adored and profoundly loved by many and Off The Hook have perfected theirs effortlessly with a beautiful crispy exterior and slightly chewy interior. Coated in a light and crispy batter and stir fried with just the right amount of salt and chili paste, we were left in absolute awe with the perfect balance of all the ingredients that blended in so well together and ensuring that the calamari still remained the highlight of the dish. An acceptable amount of red dried chillies, capsicum, onions as well as spring onions cooked in oil and chilli paste were modestly sprinkled on top as garnish.


Spicy Prawn and Lobster Bisque Soup | Rs.460

Much to our disappointment, the soup was a hard-miss due to the lack of seasoning and didn't possess traits of a creamy texture as much as we'd have liked and hoped for it to be. There was a faint hint of a combination of both prawn and lobster but it left a disagreeable aftertaste that wasn't very pleasant. A rather measly piece of lobster was dumped in the middle which was actually a terrible shame because the lobster was cooked to absolute perfection! 


Jaffna Curry Prawns | Rs.530 for 100g

The spices that were added into this dish undeniably accentuated the prawns. Every mouthful was a gratifying burst of flavours that left us longing for more. It was infused with a reasonable amount of coconut milk but skillfully managing to not throw in too much to ensure that it had more of  Sri-lankan feel to it instead of moving along the lines of a Thai Red curry. The prawns were succulent and juicy that it literally melted in our mouths and the touch of green on top due to the addition of fresh murungai leaves uplifted the dish in terms of presentation.


Crab Meat Tom Yum Fried Rice | Rs.580

This dish was fairly mediocre with absolutely no tinge of crab. A bit of a letdown due to the lack of crab flavour or pieces of crab meat for that matter. It resembled the kind of dish that you could possibly whip up at home if your motive is to make something straightforward and simple that requires less time for preparation. 



Passion Fruit Mojito | Rs.420

Light, refreshing, energizing and cooling - all common traits that you would secretly hope to find in a passion fruit mojito and Off The Hook most certainly delivered! An adequate amount of lime and passion fruit built a sharp and tangy zest while the sugar and the mint added a sweet aromatic flavour, breaking down levels of acidity and forming a neutral balance. Personally, this was my favorite for the day!


Fresh Mango Juice | Rs.440

The drink that arrived at our table truly did live up to it's name! It was rich in mango and most importantly, it was incredibly fresh and was an ideal drink to quench our thirst in this blistering heat. We were quite pleased with the generous amount of mango that was blended with a moderate level of sugar syrup and crushed ice.


Strawberry Daiquiri Mocktail | Rs.420

Either we made good choices with regard to the selection of drinks or all their drinks are generally on point. The strawberry daiquiri mocktail was another rejuvenating drink that effortlessly cleansed our palettes, although the cherry placed on top didn't really make sense being there or add any value to the drink.

 It inherited the characteristics of a smoothie instead of a mocktail due to its rather thick texture but in saying that,we thoroughly enjoyed it and  savoured every sip.



Fried Ice-cream With Chocolate Ganache And Nuts | Rs.420

When we first arrived, I could hardly pay attention to the mains once I'd initially spotted this dish on the dessert menu. This delightfully presented dish was pretty as a picture,with two scoops of vanilla flavoured ice-cream coated with a decent amount of cornflakes. This was probably one of those shameless fan girl moments where I was hysterically excited  to crack it wide open! 

The batter was delightfully crisp and crunchy and the ice-cream didn't necessarily ooze out at first but overtime due to the heat, it gradually began to melt. It was topped with a drizzle of chocolate ganache which was slightly bitter on its own but when combined with the rest of the components on the dish,it prevailed to break down the sweetness induced from the ice-cream brilliantly well. However, in saying that, a substantial volume of roasted peanuts was scattered all over the dish which unfortunately led to its downfall. The peanuts were an unpleasant addition, proving to be too overpowering which was an utter shame, considering that this dish has a considerable amount of potential. Possibly replacing the peanuts with roasted cadjunuts instead will undoubtedly leave an improved aftertaste. 



Our waiter maintained a professional and cordial conduct at all times and even took the time to properly enlighten us on a couple of dishes that helped us determine the kind of meat and style of cooking that would better suit our preferences in the process.  His vast knowledge with regard to the menu was impressive and we appreciated his subtle efforts in making it a point to check up on us from time-to-time.


Interior and Ambience

Despite being located in an area with an outside view of cars pacing up and down in exasperation, Off the Hook have  managed to maintain an off-the-shore-by-the-deck interior.

The decor and paintings inside help set the scene,with a touch of oriental style to the furnishings and atmospheric lighting.

The music playing was from the 90's and proved to be calming and relaxing, which helped set the tone as well.



We can profoundly admit with the utmost confidence that Off the Hook are in for the long-run, whipping up exquisite seafood dishes in varied styles of cooking and ensuring that customers truly do obtain a unique seafood experience in the process. 


Word of warning : Be sure to make a booking before deciding to dine in because they tend to get awfully busy during the weekends.

In addition to that, if you're looking for a course free from liquor, make sure to firmly point that out to the waiter beforehand as certain dishes consist of a white vine sauce.

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