Paan Paan - The Grill

Paan Paan - The Grill

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 11 months ago

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Sri Lanka has recently been gaining popularity with the multiple cuisines they've got to offer. You no longer need to travel the distance to find a decent burger or tacos to basically anything! What we are aware of is that affordability and quality food always conflicts, but we were proven wrong at The Grill! 

If you want fresh, gourmet ( and healthy! ) range of burgers to sandwiches and subs, you're bound to get some exciting flavors and fillings for a pretty decent price. 




  • BBQ chicken wings | 400/- 

These wings came in a portion of 6, and we couldn't get enough! The fact that it was so juicy and the meat was charcoaled grilled with their signature smoky barbecue sauce that had the right amount of sweetness to spicy ratio with lots of onions rings and carrots. 


  • Fish burger with multi grain bun | 500/- 

We've seen how the fish fillet at fast food restaurants fell depressingly and we weren't exactly looking forward to this fish burger either. But boy was this to die for! 

The fact that the fish fillet was made from fresh sword fish mixed with Sri Lankan spices that they'd keep a secret so no one else shall imitate them *wink* which brings out a ambul thiyal flavor topped with silky smooth cheese, slices of onions, tomatoes, lettuce with a dash of mayo! 


  • Tandoori Chicken burger - 450/- 

Ever tried a tandoori burger? If not then you definitely should at the Grill! The fact that the meat was actually charcoal  grilled  chicken was the cherry on top! It was Juicy and wholesomely flavored. This burger has no mayo but a sauce which was a mix of raita and mint chutney that gave you the freshness to spicy ratio. 


  • Teriyaki chicken with white rice | 450/- 

Who knew plain white basmati rice that's so airy and soft would go so well with teriyaki chicken? The meat was once again  char grilled in lots of sesame seeds and soy sauce bringing you the true teriyaki feel with the sautéed onion rings and bell pepper! It was sweet and spicy at the same time and a fast seller! 


  • Beef steak submarine in multi seed | 700/- 

The beef steak are the loin beef steak strips charcoaled which was sautéed with bell pepper, onions and carrots along with a strong pepper sauce. 


  • BBQ Chicken with cheese & herb bread | 550/- 

We personally loved how the thick chicken breast slices were sautéed in bell pepper, caramelized onions to carrots soaked in their delicious BBQ sauce that keep making you want more! 


Types of bread 

  • white - plain wholesome calories just to sink your teeth in! 
  • Multi seed - brown bread with a handful of seeds on the top giving you a crunch and keeping those calories in check! 
  • Cheese & herb - for comfort food and to get that Parmesan cheese with rosemary combo to make your heart melt. 


  • watermelon190/- 

Freshly blended watermelon juice with the right amount of ice and sweetness. 


  • Crushed orange | 360/-

We were disappointed especially since no crushed ice was visible and it was a simple orange juice. The OJ once again wasn't sour at all, and almost tasted like freshly squeezed sweet naarang. 


  • Iced milo | 220/- 

The iced milo was milky and super chocolatey with lots of fresh milo powder. It's made from scratch and not some rotating machine which means it's not just fresh but delicious too. 



It's more or less self service, and the staff are quite efficient and friendly. 


Interior and ambience 

The setting is outside with tall plants giving you shade and a slight breeze with wooden tables and chairs giving you the ultimate outdoor experience. 



It's safe to say that we're definitely coming back here. The menu is small yet offering variety, along with affordable prices and quality food. It's perfect for your daily lunch or dinner drops! 

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84. Lorenz Road. Colombo 04
Tel : 0117 500 205

 Deliveries available from 11am- 9pm

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