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Bombay Sweets are our all-time favorite. With many sweet shops in every corner, how do you find the store that sells the most authentic sweets? Right down Havelock Road, the cozy little store, Panaash, of course!

Treats & Drinks                                                                                        


Oh yes, this specific Indian sweet is never rejected. It was so good that we wanted to have more of it yet we couldn’t, as it had already given us a sugar rush. Although the Laddu seemed to have a lot more ghee, it was the most authentic we had tried.

Malai Jamun 

A substitute for Gulab Jamun? Then this is it! Malai Jamun was so juicy and delicious that the extract was filling the mouth.

Fig Roll 

How about a sweet with figs crushed into a filling? Not too sweet, but something that does wonders on the taste bud! It also had a crunchy center with the dried fig mixture.


A crispy Jelabi like no other, this was the best of its kind. This was fried in ghee, hence giving away a different texture. It was sweet and soaked in sugar syrup also giving out a subtle saffron flavor.

Sherbet Drink 

An icy glass of sherbet drink is good to beat the heat, and this is a customer favorite! The rich creamy milk with the overpowering rose syrup along with the thick cut jellies and kasa kasa.


Indian sweets are incomplete without a glass of Faludi, isn’t it? If you want to try the best Faluda in town, you need to drop by at Panaash! Sherbet syrup, semolina and Ice Cream – what more details does an authentic drink need?


The presentation was normal and it looked eyeful. The Faluda had the best presentation with hues of colors. The other Indian delicacies brought out our inner desi side, and wanted us to rush to the nearest Punjabi wedding!


Staff were friendly and they gave us a brief introduction on which items were their best sellers and recommended us a few.

Interior & Ambience

Panaash had a lot of free space when we dropped by. It clearly wasn’t cluttered and all the sides were decked with imported sweets and many more. Unlike many other Bombay sweet sellers.

Panaash was extremely comfy and they even had an air conditioner making it feel more relaxed unlike many other places. We even enjoyed Desi Mashups while we tried out our sweets and drinks.


Serving for generations, Panaash does offer authentic sweets that are made right at the little shop. If you ever crave for some Bombay Sweets, do drop by at Panaash! (Tip: The best way to drink a Faluda is to mix it up and down, blending the syrup with the milk and ice cream).


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245, Havelock Road, Colombo 06 (Opposite Havelock City)
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