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Pressed By Aro

Reviewed by Tenisha Buell | 10 months ago

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If you aren’t up to date with the new cold pressed craze, you have clearly been living under a rock! Specializing in some of the yummiest cold pressed juices (with the most Tumblr Instagram feed) is Pressed By Aro! They’ve only got five flavor combos (of which we tried four) as of now but when they open their own outlet, we are hoping for a larger variety! (fingers crossed!)

P1 - Apple / Beetroot / Carrot / Lime | Rs.400

Probably our second favorite after the Y1; this bright red cold press is sure to brighten your insides – it sure brightened ours! The refreshing lime and apple flavors were followed by the earthy flavors of the beetroot and carrot; the beetroot and carrot were not overpowering which was good because too much earthiness would make the drink taste a little like dirt, but hats off to PBA for hitting just the right spots! We honestly didn’t think we would like this but turns out we did!

Y1 – Ambarella / Pineapple / Apple | Rs.400

A favorite among the PBA fan club and for a good reason too – this combo tastes like it was made in heaven because every fruit added played a definitive role! The mildly sour ambarella together with the sweet pineapple and apple set off fireworks in our mouth.

G1 – Celery / Guava / Apple / Pineapple | Rs. 400

A sip of this is sure to make you feel good about drinking this juice; the second we opened the bottle, we were greeted with a whiff of the celery and after a sip the presence of the celery was confirmed followed by the subtle guava and then the cutting flavor of pineapple and sweet apple! Another great cold press combo! (We still have our eyes and hearts set on the Y1!

W1 – King Coconut / Lime / Mint / Salt | Rs. 250

A lil' upgrade from your basic king coconut juice; the lime and salt actually enhances the neutral flavor of the king coconut making it slightly sweet and each gulp is finished off with a revitalizing kick from the mint leaves. This is sure to help you out on a hot day in Colombo!


Do we even have to say? The juices come in the most Instagram friendly, photogenic bottles you could find! You could even use them as a fashion accessory to go with your #OOTD because they look that good!


More Pressed By Aro, please? As they are only just exposing themselves to the madness in Colombo they haven’t got their own outlet as yet but until they do, they’re supplying Bakes By Bella and Tea Avenue at the World Trade Centre. We definitely are rooting for their own outlet because it could possibly mean a larger variety of cold pressed juices and maybe more!

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