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Situated just off the busy street of Rajagiriya; Rocco’s Pizzeria has created a name, in Sri Lanka, that is almost as iconic as the famous chef the restaurant was named after. Serving Italian AND non-Italian food as well as none pork items, Rocco’s menu is so vast that we felt that it would only be fair if we tried out a bit of everything!


Strawberry Lime Mojito | Rs.550

The strawberry Mojito didn't look like Mojito, in fact it seemed more or less like a freshly blended drink. The drink was extremely sour and it tasted more like a strawberry yogurt! 

Berry Chiller | Rs.475

With a combination of strawberries, raspberries and apple juice, this drink is the ultimate thirst quencher among many others. It falls under the category of drinks that can be drunk till the last drop after the first sip! We were convinced that it was a cordial until we found ourselves biting into strawberry seeds and pieces of strawberry and raspberry!

Rocco’s Blue Lime | Rs.500

The fusion of blue curacao and lime is generally a success in every way! The sweet blue curacao against the tangy lime creates magic in your mouth! The drink starts off sweet but hits you with the strongest flavour of lime leaving you with a punchy aftertaste. It’s one of those drinks that you would consume after savoring something unpleasant in order to get rid of the unpleasantness.

Strawberry Iced Tea | Rs.300

An iced tea that stays true to its name! The noticeable flavors of strawberry and tea assured us that this was a proper iced tea! This one is highly recommended!


Baked Crab | Rs.1300

This dish looked divine, and had an incredible aroma of the cheesy goodness infused with the soft crab meat. The Italian spiced herbs from oregano and creamy Parmesan mixed into the meat was to die for. It was served with thinly sliced and toasted baguette alongside with a fresh salad!

Chicken Cordon Bleu | Rs.1450

A crumb-fried layer of chicken ham encased over a chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella, served with potato wedges and greens; this dish could easily fill one up to the point where there is no room for dessert, so we suggest sharing this! We would first like to say kudos to the team at Rocco’s for attempting to impress us by doubling the layers of chicken ham but to our dismay, parts of the chicken ended up raw. ON A POSITIVE NOTE, we loved the cooked parts of the chicken thoroughly; the different textures of crumby ham, soft chicken and gooey mozzarella was divine!

Italian Blue Cheese and Mushroom Gnocchi

This is one of those dishes that wouldn’t leave ‘mushroom’ for dessert and one wouldn’t mind at all because its just that good! The soft home-made potato gnocchi melts in your mouth with the creamy blue cheese and mushroom. It was absolutely fantastic and our favorite item on the menu; we’re DEFINITELY coming back for seconds! Everything about this dish was perfect, including the portion size!

Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli | Rs.1100

The pockets of ravioli seemed slightly overcooked as they broke apart the second you picked it up; either way it didn’t hinder our taste buds! The ricotta was fresh and crumbly and was of the perfect ratio to the spinach. Anything home-made is a huge plus for us because it makes us feel more at home, and more comfortable.

Mushroom Ravioli | Rs.1100

Our favourite of the two raviolis by MILES! Although it was much heavier than the Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli, the Mushroom Ravioli was pure indulgence! (Slowly realising that we don’t think there is ‘mushroom’ in our tummies when consuming dishes with mushrooms!)

Half Sorrentina & Half Spicy Chicken & Half Thai Red Curry | Rs.1100

We opted for half and half pizzas because when you’re given the option, why wouldn’t you jump to it? We went with the half Sorrentina and half Spicy Chicken. The Sorrentina is very similar to a caprese with its mozzarella, basil and tomato combo; the idea of placing it on top of a pizza is one that we would steal for ourselves!

The Spicy Chicken on the other hand was a game-changer as we ordered it on our second pizza too! It was definitely a spicy change from the Sorrentina! The bell peppers added an extra kick, and as Lankan cooks would say, you can never have too much spice!

Who would have thought that Thai red curry could be gracefully placed on a pizza and be so darn good? Clearly Rocco’s did! We don’t think this can be described, only eaten so we suggest you head over there and try it yourself!

Chocolate Caramel Biscuit Pudding | Rs.400

An all time favourite that is easily and constantly criticized but with a twist. Sadly the caramel component we were looking for wasn’t there and it tasted like a regular biscuit pudding. Although the consistency and flavours were above average, we missed out on the caramel, which was a bummer.

Cassata | Rs.400

For those of you who don’t know what a Cassata is, its a triple layered Neapolitan ice cream dessert with almonds, chocolate and tutti frutti. There were certainly mixed feelings about this dish with its combination of ice cream, almonds and maraschino red and green cherries as their tutti frutti layer. 

Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake | Rs.500

The only raspberry aspect of this cheesecake was the pink compote like syrup on top of the cheesecake which we were a little disappointed about. But the cheesecake itself was wonderfully dense and it stuck to your palette, which may be off putting for some people. The raspberry compote/syrup gave the cheesecake a mild acidity which was a great contrast to the sweet creamy cheesecake! A winning cheesecake in our books (minus the raspberry)!

Tiramisu | Rs.450

A true favourite and something that we could eat at any time of day! Rocco’s serves up one of THE BEST tiramisus in Colombo! The layers of marscapone and espresso-soaked fingers are packed and served in a single square of absolute beauty! As your spoon dives in, it seamlessly cuts through all the layers and once you pick it up and pop it into your mouth, you can hear Pharrell Williams singing his number one hit in the distance! The word ‘Happy’ doesn’t even cover the way we feel about this tiramisu because it is beyond good! Nuff’ said.

Nutella Pizza | Rs.1350

Do you even have to look twice when you see the words ‘nutella pizza’ on a menu? We certainly did not! If Rocco’s can do killer savoury pizzas, imagine what they can do with a sweet one! This nutella pizza came in smothered in rich nutella and topped with marshmallows and cashew nuts, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better! A great end to a great meal leaving us with tummies full and wide smiles!


Their pizzas were served on wooden boards which was a very homely touch and a sign that it was fresh out of the oven! The other dishes were served on white plates/deep-dishes and were garnished with parsley or basil.


With the amount of food we ordered we were afraid that we would have to wait long but to our relief, each dish was brought out as soon as it was prepared. Literally, when each dish was placed a cloud of steam hovered above it! We were definitely pleased that we didn’t have to wait long.

Interior and Ambiance

The homiest pizzeria we’ve been to so far with its faded orange walls and matching yellow street lantern-like lights! It’s not very Instagram friendly due to the dimmed lights,giving a restaurant a vibe that the meal should be one without phones and frantic picture-taking and instead a gathering of people to communicate (AND EAT) with their mouths and not their phones.


Although Rocco’s is quite pricey and falls under the category of restaurants that you go to once in a while (or for a special treat), we’d definitely like to visit them again and try out the rest of their menu because I mean, who wouldn’t want to try out all 30 of their pizza toppings! They easily have some of the Italian dishes in town!

Tip: Less is more - yes, by that we are referring to the Cordon Bleu ;-)

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615A, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya

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