Saffrons Kitchen (Fort)

Saffrons Kitchen (Fort)

Reviewed by Hafsa Killru | 12 months ago

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Halal Factors

Tired of Pettah errands and need a lunch break? We know how strolling down the busy streets of Pettah can be exhausting and then when you grow too hungry and die for something to tame your thirst you can only find those small hotels with the usual food.

However, located near Dutch Hospital, you can find a tiny, lush restaurant which could put an end to your exhaustion. Finding the location maybe like finding a treasure spot but when you get there you can finally relax.


Normal Rice & Curry | Rs.220

With an unending demand from customers for their usual rice parcel, this was similar to the taste of homemade food. It came with a generous amount of dhal, seeni sambal, a chunk of chicken, carrot & beans along with beetroot and sprats. It all tasted fine but was a strong hit on the spice buds.

Special Biriyani | Rs.450

Their special dish had accharu, fried chicken (which was a bit rough on the outside), Masai sambal n peas. The dish was not that special.

Chocolate Cupcake | Rs.120

The chocolate cake actually had a green icing but it was when we tasted we figured out that it was actually mint! That was different. A tiny advice to the restaurant – the cakes could be a little more softer.

We expected something better than what we tasted. However, we would like to say it was a satisfying experience.


We got the food in plates that were covered with a lunch sheet. And the Biriyani was served in a aluminium foil hot pack. It was a reasonable presentation.


There were very few staff (maybe due to the protest that happened in the area – no, you will have to watch the news for further information about that), and they couldn't cope with the crowd. Therefore, we had to wait for a couple of minutes till it was our turn and once the order was placed, we were served quite swiftly.

Interior & Ambience

A posh café at the urban areas of Colombo? That’s exactly how it looked with all the comfortable seating and bright colours of their interior. It actually encouraged a buoyant environment. It's a bit warm, though.


A satisfactory meal at a relaxing and quite spot, Saffrons could be your next stop when you have Pettah errands.

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32 Hospital Street, Fort, Colombo 01.
Tel : 011 7 664466

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