Salty Snapper

Salty Snapper

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 7 months ago

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Halal Factors

The Salty Snapper is located in the sophisticated luxury boutique resort in the heart of Koggala - The Fortress Resort & Spa. (Do not get this mistaken with the Fortress hotel at Galle Fort) and the first thing that I blurted when I reached the Fortress was WOW.

First of all, the resort is only a two hour drive away from Colombo via the Southern expressway which means it’s not really that far and you can just pop down to one of their many restaurants, themed buffet nights or the Salty Snapper like I did!

(You can feast your eyes in the scenery, the large wooden doors of the fortress, the stunning beaches and the - to die for swimming pool in the quick video below!)

The Salty Snapper is a latest addition to the Fortress, and is a seafood restaurant along with a few meat dishes for the faint hearted (and those monsters who love to sink their teeth into red meats and because of your unfortunate allergy to shellfish). It’s beautifully located right beside the beach – meaning you get possibly THE most beautiful view this Island has to offer while you take pleasure in your drinks and devour the food.

Here’s what we checked out!



Grilled Octopus Salad | Rs.1275/-

Skeptical at first, since I've never really tried grilled octopus or anything that had that many tentacles, unless you count squid but that doesn't really matter because right now I'm making no sense. 

We found this to be surprisingly delicious! There was an overload of finely sliced cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves, lettuce, pepper, Lima beans and a citrus dressing, sprinkled with bite size octopus meat. The meat was certainly, chewy and packed with flavor similar to a cross of scallops and calamari. The acidity of the dressing complemented the rest of the toppings inclusive of the rocket leaves bringing out a light meaty crunch to the salad overall. 


Soup of the Day – Seafood Broth | Rs.800/-

Quite an interesting broth. This was the soup of the day considering there wasn't such an item in specific on their menu. 

We found the broth bursting with fresh seafood seasoning along with plenty of carrots, beans, zucchini and celery chopped up along with calamari, prawns and fish bits. Simply adored the crunch of the vegetables with the boiled, yet flavorful seafood meats in the mediocre broth. 


Khulbarra Barramundi Fillet | Rs.1975/-

 The main course that got us super excited! We loved the concept, although there were the unruly cons of the dish. Khulbarra is a Singaporean fish brand that sells the best of barramundi - which are Asian sea bass. A nice fat chunk of barramundi fillet was served which was unbelievably soft and fresh that you can taste sea on your taste buds! This was served with sautéed kang kung leaves that were soaked up in a garlic chili lemon sauce and the rice was low key brilliant. 

The rice was cooked in banana leaf, which gave us the opportunity to unseal it and dig into the hot, flavorful yellow rice cooked in coconut milk. Unfortunately, the virgin olive oil and garlic chili lemon sauce was all over, and once we unfolded the banana leaf it conquered the whole plate leaving us in dismay as we couldn't dig into the delicious sauce! 



Tea Inspired Mocktails | Rs.775/-

- Lemon, Mint, Tea - This was what I'd call a fail. Utterly dissatisfied with the drink overall, since the tea was too strong and overpowering topped with an equally strong mint flavor from the mint leaves along with raw lemon pieces. This needs a makeover! 

- Passion, Grenadine, Lime, Orange - This is what you'd call refreshing! The combination was truly a match made in heaven with the slight tea tang along with the citrusy goodness of the oranges and the passion. The slight fizz was established from the soda and it was absolutely stunning! 



Pai Wahuh | Rs. 975/-

A pumpkin tart with almond coated ice cream. That's how the menu described it and we were eagerly looking forward. 

Unfortunately it didn't resemble a tart. It looked like a chubby little cupcake and had a cake-y dough with a slight tart texture around this muffin-like dessert. Regardless it was spot on delicious, I adored how the sweet pumpkin bits gave a slight sour and tangy feel to the tart. The vanilla ice cream, wasn't necessarily coated in almond since we didn't get any flavor but simply of the vanilla - which complimented the tart with every bite. 



Dishes were presented in white plating along with a clear blue plate for the dessert that looked stunning. Furthermore, the drinks looked gorgeous with the stunning background. 



The staff at the Salty Snapper were super friendly and they were well equipped with their knowledge of the menu and the hotel.


Interior & Ambience

What can I say, you can see for yourself that the interior was on point. Orange seating with round white tables that looked aesthetically pleasing. The ambience was a sight for sore eyes, we were literally seated right in front of the beach and you get the fresh breeze from the sea and a tingly salt feel to everything. It was just an amazing experience, you feel as if you've been transported to another world. 



The salty snapper would be the idea lunch and dinner option if you're down at Galle or even heading down all the way from Colombo. 

For incredible food, a long drinks menu, interesting desserts and a priceless ambience - you can't possibly go wrong in here. 

Get ready to get lost in a hazy beach-y vibe with your sun kissed skin and take a dip once you're done with your meal in the gorgeous beaches. 

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