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Halal Factors

Colombo is yet developing and it's not everyday you see a high end dessert bar. Schàkász is a dessert bar introduced to the general public in May 2015, with two home bakers Shanika & Kasuni who came together and decided to make high end plates desserts! Luckily to Schàkász, we can finally simply go out for nothing but dessert! *insert heart emoji*

Food & Drink

Peach Iced Tea | Rs.350 

The iced tea was in a standard fancy jar with a cute mini black board sticker so the name of your drink can be written in chalk! The iced tea was fizzy and did give a slight peach flavor and it played well along with the right amount of sweetness and surprisingly the tea was Heladiv so you can make your very own at home, making us wonder if it's worth it. 

Cappuccino | Rs.400 

 The cappuccino came in a take away cup along with a ceramic pot of sugar cubes, since we didn't ask the coffee to go we did expect them to give it in a normal coffee cup. Nevertheless, we were given the choice of picking our own coffee capsule depending on which region, different amounts of consistency, flavor and how strong it is. We were offered the special edition capsule, and the hot drink was steamy and extremely frothy. However when we finally get past all that it was strong, with a creamy and thick flavor. We absolutely loved it, but would prefer it didn't have much froth!

Expresso Tart | Rs.400

 The espresso tart, is probably a blessing to hit town! The tart was thick and fat and had a crumbly, bitter tart base with a soft and thick chocolate and espresso infused layer which became our instant favorite! The dark rich chocolate infused with the bitter and strong espresso shots in a tart was truly an enhancing experience. Although we must warn you, too much of anything can make you sick. 

Burnt Butter | Rs.500

This particular cake is apparently very popular and a fast seller among the customers. We're talking about layer after layers of different butter elements with sponge and a butter frosting. The base was a cookie dough which we didn't exactly taste unfortunately. 

Creme Brûlée | Rs.360 

The creme brûlée makes you really nostalgic for some reason, and all for the good reasons! The brûlée was blow torched to give a burnt crispy layer on the top that crunched and melted in your mouth with the creme.

DYMK | Rs.500

The name probably sounding as if it's some crazy boy band, but then again it's a pretty zany cake with some pretty interesting layers as if the cakes got split personality (no hard feelings) a fudge brownie base with a layer of chocolate mousse, a layer of the Cookie Monster crumbled up and a layer of sponge then a layer of raspberry mousse and the final later of cake and the chocolate shavings. Think you can handle it? Well we did, and talk about genuine flavors in each layer, and consumed all together gives you an overpowering of the chocolate of course. Despite the cookie being mentioned we didn't really get a crunch.


The cakes were presented in the prettiest pastel colored vintage plates. The iced tea gave a very Cafe look, and any thoughts of high end dessert bar gets ruined by the average coffee take away cup. 


The staff were really friendly, and always up and about making us aware of what's best and what we should get our hands on!

Interior  &  Ambience

The interior was very bar styled with a touch of pastel vintage meets modern contemporary. The high bar inspired seating on the outside, to the dessert pop up art on the glass to the low patio and long tables and an open kitchen running around the themes of pastel mint and white.


We really enjoyed the Schàkász experience. The portions were pretty huge and worthy of price! They also take large orders for dinner parties and mini weddings.




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