Silk Route - Malabe

Silk Route - Malabe

Reviewed by Yasali Liyanage | 6 months ago

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Halal Factors

We were all waiting for the day everyone could enjoy a great dining experience in Malabe.

Malabe is now a densely populated town with many campuses, schools and businesses; we at Eat would definitely recommend Silk Route as an ideal place for everyone - young and old - to enjoy. It's the perfect setting for a casual hangout with your friends and family. They have a very unique culinary concept, with food from countries that come from The Silk Route. It followed Eurasia connecting the East and West - stretching from Asian countries to the Mediterranean Region.

The Silk Route ran through the land and maritime routes connecting Asia and Europe - hence their menu being inspired by the land and sea from these specific regions; they are arranged accordingly in the menu. Quite the interesting inspiration behind it all.




Crispy Basket | Rs.650

This consisted of beautifully delicate fish coated with a tempura-like batter which was very crisp and delicate. The fish was soft and buttery with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. There were some beautifully prepared onion rings and vegetable spring rolls, and oh, how we love these spring rolls - the casing was just the perfect thickness - thin and crisp with just the right amount of filling. There were also some pillow-soft potato wedges - again amazingly crisp, golden and glistening on the outside. None of the items were soaked in oil nor had they gotten soggy because of excess oil which was a big winner. This also comes with a serving of slaw and is the perfect dish to share - so here, take my money!

Seafood Shumai (Dumplings) | Rs.650

These little seafood dumplings were served with a very unique plum sauce with chili, ginger and coriander, along with another dip that consisted of some traditional South East Asian sauces and ingredients. We were a little disappointed because the dumplings were pre-made. These dumplings, which are a little rubbery, are more of an acquired taste. If you don't like it - you don't, if you love it - you keep eating. These dumplings were interesting to eat however with the two dips provided because each had their own kick of heat from the spices. The plum sauce was gingery with a hit of sweetness, while the other sauce is for those who can endure a punch - kind of the heat you'd expect after eating wasabi. Overall however, the dish was very hearty for an appetizer and if you are a fan of seafood and dumplings, then we're sure you'd love to try these out.



Pattaya Street Noodles | Rs.700

These noodles are every Thai food lovers dream; Pad Thai noodles with bamboo shoots, baby corn and a mixture of other fresh veggies, plus crunchy peanuts to give it texture, topped off with an egg with a runny yolk - YUM. Once you break the yolk and let it coat the noodles, it is absolute heaven - thinking about it makes my mouth water! We could taste the clear difference compared to any other Pad Thai that just reeks of artificial flavouring and sits in a pool of sauces, because this one was bursting with fresh flavours and textures. The portion was huge and we loved how this dish transported our senses to the streets of Pattaya - we'll eat this for days!

Pizza Margherita | Rs.900

This pizza definitely looks very appealing, and we had high hopes for it, but it turned out to be pretty average. It did tick the boxes of most of the qualities that a Margherita pizza has - thin crust, good sauce base, lots of cheese and basil. However, the cheese just sat on top of the crust. It did not have a stringy quality when pulled apart, and was seeping with oil - the ratio of cheese to base to crust was a little off. But look, this is one absolutely cheesy pizza - we're sure any cheese lover wouldn't mind the excess of cheese on their pizza one bit. That said we did quite enjoy this pizza because it had a really flavoursome sauce and a decent crust.



(Weekly specials and offers change accordingly)

Lemongrass and Ginger Cooler

This was light and refreshing with a kick of ginger, and the unique lemon-like flavour of the lemongrass sprigs pleased our senses not only with its taste but also with its beautiful aroma. This was not overly sweet as the sweetness came from the addition of honey, but it somehow managed to deliver a punch while ending on a mild note.

Silk Route Mule (Passion Fruit Drink)

This tangy drink was absolutely refreshing. The passion fruit was fresh and zingy and definitely cooled us off with the pulp of the fruit adding an interesting texture to it. The drink wasn't too sour nor was it too sweet. It had a hint of ginger and was the perfect drink to have on a warm day.



Trio of Green Tea Delicacies | Rs.500

Okay, so this dish was satisfactory - we did like it, we definitely enjoyed eating it but it just didn't seem to be what was implied on the menu. We weren't big fans of the amount of green food colouring used in the panna cotta which didn't taste too much like a panna cotta, but more like a gelatinous pudding. Let's assume the colouring was added for presentation - we were still excited to taste the green tea element of this, but the flavour never really came through.

The plus point was that the crumble was very nice and added good texture but here too we were promised a tea infusion yet it just tasted like your good ol' crumble. We were also supposed to receive green tea gelato and we were very excited for this because we were expecting a scoop of matcha flavoured gelato; but we got something that resembled mousse. It was nothing like gelato nor was it cold - it did taste pleasant and I could mildly taste green tea. This was actually pretty yummy - just not gelato. Don't get us wrong, it was all delicious nonetheless and we didn't leave anything behind, plus woah! look at the stunning presentation!

Coconut Tiramisu | Rs.550

This was our favourite! They nailed the presentation and the texture of the tiramisu was light and airy with the wafer soaked in a little brandy - we devoured it in a flash. A mixed berry compote was served on the side, again with a boozy twist which included Malibu rum. The fault we found however? We didn't really taste much coconut in the tiramisu! We ate it all in a jiffy thinking, "Wow, what a good tiramisu - but where's the coconut at?" Aside from the Malibu rum used, we would have definitely loved it if coconut was a key element used in the dish. That aside, this was a nice way to end the meal and definitely pleasing to the eyes!


Interior and Ambience 

The interior is beautiful; there is plenty if natural light flooding in through big glass windows overlooking their outdoor terrace. A customer can also see the kitchen and the chefs at work through another glass window that connects the kitchen and dining area. There is also an interesting wall that has a map depicting the countries of the Silk Route and illustrations of the countries that the food on the menu came from. The chairs inside are white, minimal and comfortable and might I add, there was a high chair for infants - proving that this place really is family friendly. They offer space for private functions where you can book the outdoor area or a private indoor area that suits your event.

There is a beautiful bar situated at the corner of the indoor dining area for the adults. We were amazed by how they had made fake plants and fake grass look absolutely real in their outdoor area - and let me tell you, it's beautiful outside. Maybe a little difficult to sit there when the sun is out but definitely a great spot to hang out in the evening. There is ample space and seating outdoors as well. They have done a pretty good job with the interior, while expressing their theme in it.



The staff is very friendly and attentive, they will ensure that service is fast. Dish too cold for your liking? They will immediately heat it up and bring it for you. The staff is very polite and overall service was really good.



They put a lot into their presentation. All the dishes were served with vegetables cut and shaped like leaves and flowers as the garnish. The desserts took presentation to a whole new level! They looked like works of art with a lot of techniques used to make the dish stand out. It was a feast for the eyes - not to mention everything is all so Instagram worthy! Stunning!



From the drinks to the appetizers to mains and the desserts, Silk Route delivered some stellar dishes and stayed true to their theme. We loved the flavours, textures and presentation of the dishes. We love how this place is ideal for a family dinner or a brunch with a couple of friends - this is also a good place to go on a date with your significant other. Their dishes aren't too pricey and we feel like the amount of food you receive for the price you spend is worth it.

Even if you don't live in Malabe, you won't regret taking a little time to visit Silk Route for a filling meal that will have you leaving with a smile of contentment and coming back for more. 

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