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Halal Factors


To all the brownie lovers out there, what we’re going to say next will make sense to you in a spiritual level. We’re talking about a casual chic cafe serving solely BROWNIES!

The red shiny board and the word Skrumptious perfectly encapsulates how their crusty brownie tastes (and feels). With the cool environment and friendly staff, it has been making a LOT of customers satisfied since 2011.

However, despite their brownies being a hit, the iced teas and the overly dressed brownies had us thinking twice (ice cream, chocolate sauce & strawberries).

Here's what we checked out at Skrumptious.

Treats & Drinks

Strawberry Cream Swirl | Rs.550

The brownie was barely visible since it was under a heap of whipped cream, slices of fresh strawberries & chocolate sauce which can get quite overwhelming and get in the way of tasting the actual masterpiece. The brownie had swirls of pink and chocolate, making it incredibly crusty on the top, yet creamy and gooey in the middle. It almost resembles a strawberry flavored lava cake.

Double Chocolate Brownie | Rs.690

The brownie looked great and tasted well with the vanilla scoop along with the usual strawberry and sauce. It was incredibly crumbly and gooey although we expected it to be warm.

Brownie Shake | Rs.690 

Chunks of brownies blended into a milkshake is a dream come true. And the shake here turned out to be pretty awesome, although it could have been thicker with more chunks of brownies.

Passion Fruit Sorbet | Rs.300 

After a long day in Colombo's crazy weather, this would be a delight sent by heaven! The sorbet was smooth and it tasted sour with fresh passion juice making it healthy too!

Chocolate Biscuit Pudding | Rs.300

Biscuit pudding is a favorite in every Sri Lankan household! And this proved to be delicious in every bit, from the creamy, rich chocolate flavor to the soft biscuit crunch.

Iced Teas – The iced teas are not an original product of Skrumptious. The Apple Black flavor & Cola Black flavor were the ones we tried, and we were not greatly satisfied! It wasn't cold enough and had an artificial taste.


The brownies were barely recognizable and were covered in heaps of chocolate, whipped cream and strawberry which made it like a delicious mess.


Service was fast and efficient with staff were well equipped about the menu.

Interior & Ambience

The Café looked more or less like a place that sells comfort food than brownies and you’d be confused until you see the menu.


When ordering brownies, if you simply want to indulge on only that - ask them to avoid putting so much topping. And, stay away from the iced tea. 

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