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Snow Monkey

Reviewed by Zaahil Ahamed | 11 months ago

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In the recent years Sri Lanka, has experienced a boom in the food industry. Gone are the days where restaurants would have identical menus and only a selected few places could be visited for a decent dessert. Sri Lanka has opened its doors to a myriad of foreign concepts in terms of food, some of which has thrived, but most of which has filed to suit the Lankan palate.

This is where Snow Monkey comes in. Snow monkey is a store that solely caters snow cones/slushies; a flavoured concoction with a snow like texture. Snow cones, shouldn’t be confused with Italian ices (or crushed ice as most would like to call it ), that is found in IlGelato. In contrast to the Italian ice, the snow cone has its flavours poured on it, while the Italian ice has the flavor churned with it ( the more you know right?).

Situated in St. Anthony’s Mawatha, Kollupitiya, Snow Monkey is a small store that looks at you with tempting eyes. Once you enter the place, the process of placing an order is straight forward. It’s self service, where you go up to the counter and choose your desired size and flavor. Once you place your order, the ice is crushed in their small workspace and your desired flavor/syrup is poured on to the mountain of snow.

There are only 2 sizes available, the small which costs a 100 Rupees, while the larger size costs you 200 Rupees. Unfortunately, Snow Monkey were unable to provide us with the exact measurements of the cups, but the smaller size was one third of its larger counterpart.
In regards to flavours, the choice was a bit diverse. Currently, snow monkey serves:

  • Rose
  • Blackcurrant
  • Passion Fruit
  • Nelli (Gooseberry)
  • Lemon
  • Nanari (Sarsaparilla)
  • Mixed fruit
  • You can also ask for a mixture of different flavours (if your taste buds feel like Bilbo Baggins and want to go on an adventure)

We tasted a few of the flavours, and here’s what we think:


The syrup used was too sweet even though the flavour was strongly exhibited. More ice or a lesser volume of syrup would have made it a bit more tolerable.


This was one of the better flavours. It was still a sugary drink, but much less sweet than Rose. The flavours were nice, but just like the former, a bit more ice or a little less syrup would have done the trick.

Passion Fruit

This was the pick of the litter. The ratio of syrup to ice was perfect, making it a reasonable sweet drink that would have you wanting for me.


Nelli, again was one of the better drinks. The syrup was certainly the least sweet of all the flavours we tried. The ratio was sufficient, overall an easy pick if you want a Sri Lankan twist to a western favourite.

In terms of presentation, a snow cone is very hard to get wrong. The snow cones were served in a minimalistic plastic cup, with a straw and a spoon. The lacked a lid for the cup making it a hassle to transport it. The management is still working on a definitive idea to help parcel their sugary mixtures, but for now, you’ll have to settle for a cup with no lid or a bag.

Service and Ambience
The service was amazing; the staff were very helpful with what to choose and answered any questions that was presented to them, the longest a drink would take to be made would be 3 minutes. The lack of a physical menu (in the form of a board or card ), proved to be a setback, considering the fact that the customer would not be able to select a flavor while staying in line.

Snow Monkey, like most new stores, tried to go with a retro modern look and feel and it manages to do a decent job at it. The lack of space to sit is another minor setback, but considering the nature of the product shouldn’t pose a problem

Snow Monkey, introduces an old idea that has been alien to most Sri Lankans. In a tropical country, a decently priced drink that also feels like an ice cream, is a joy to the soul. Being a new store, it still lacks some of the key components to keep its customers happy, but being led by a team of eccentric young men, Snow Monkey has great potential to become a popular brand.
We recommend you to try out this store on a blazing hot day during lunch time.
P.s. Avoid the rose flavor or ask for less syrup.

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Snow Monkey is located at St. Anthony Mawatha, which is opposite to the Sun City apartments. My favorite is the Passion Fruit and Mixed Fruit drinking, which is a perfect drink to refresh you from the warm climate.

(11 months ago)

9, St Anthony's Mawatha, Kollupitiya
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