Sushi Bar Samurai

Sushi Bar Samurai

Reviewed by Duhan Veera | 10 months ago

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The heavy traffic in Rajagiriya is notorious these days but when you find a diamond in the rough, it is all worth it. We visited the Sushi Bar on a hot afternoon to try out the best of Japanese cuisine. Bright welcoming smiles from the staff, and cold green tea welcomed us and we instantly start wanting more.

Food & Drinks

Assorted Sushi Silver Platter | Rs.1680

The Assorted Sushi Platter is served in three sizes; Silver, Gold and Black. We opted for the smaller Silver Platter  because we knew we'd be getting more. We were served a platter of nigiri (tuna, squid, salmon, barramundi, shrimp, egg, crab meat and a crispy fried tofu pocket), one roe maki and 6 cucumber rolls. This was the freshest sushi we’ve tried in Sri Lanka, taste wise, we’d suggest you to incorporate the soy sauce and wasabi (served alongside) if you are looking for the spice. The pickled ginger is ideal as a palate cleanser.


Assorted Sashimi Silver Platter | Rs.1680

The Assorted Sashimi Platter were three kinds of sashimi served on radish shavings. It is served with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger pickle. The sashimi served were tuna, salmon and squid. We were expecting larger slices, but the serving was too thin for authentic Japanese standards, nonetheless it was fresh and refreshing.    

Chicken Terimayo Don | Rs.980

A Donburi, translated in English is a rice bowl. Chicken Terimayo translates to Chicken cooked with Teriyaki Sauce and Mayonnaise.  This dish is widely sold in Japan and I least expected it here in Lanka. The rice, teriyaki chicken and mayonnaise was served with a nori seaweed garnish. It was quite delicious. Personally, I dislike large cuts of onions and this dish had lots of them. Overall, this is authentic Japanese as it gets!

Vegetarian Okonomiyaki | Rs.680

The vegetarian okonomiyaki literally translates to Vegetable Japanese pizza. The dough is a mix of flour, chopped cabbage, spring onions, carrots and other vegetables. The dish was served with okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, bonito flakes and dried seaweed. Though the flavour of the okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise overpowers the dough, we can feel the richness of the okonomiyaki itself. It was a wonderfully executed dish and we enjoyed it. 

Chicken Katsu Don | Rs.980

This Donburi dish was served with Chicken Katsu. Katsu translates to coated with panko flakes and deep fried. This was really good and I’d suggest those who are unfamiliar with Japanese should try this as its very easy on your palate.  

Pineapple Sweetened Snowflakes | Rs.350

This dessert is shaved ice in pineapple juice. It is sour and an excellent palate cleanser. This is suggested for a hot day as it melts on your tongue. A refreshing way to end your meals.

Tempura Ice Cream | Rs.450

Leaving the best for last, Sushi Bar Samurai’s signature dessert, the tempura ice cream. IT WAS AMAZING! It is difficult to put to words, you should try it!

Green Tea Pot | Rs.270 (S)/Rs.540 (L)

The Green Tea pots are sold here. The small pot serves 4 in a single serving and the large pot serves a double serving.


The sushi dishes were kept to a minimal white as Japanese are famous for their minimalist approach in life. The colour came from the fish, wasabi and other garnishes. The donburi dishes were the Japanese plastic rice bowls.  


The staff were kind and courteous. The helped us enjoy our experience. The food was served within 15 minutes and subsequent dishes followed in regular time intervals.

Interior & Ambience

The interior was minimalistic with a sushi belt carrying varieties of sushi in the centre and tables surrounding the belt. A bar and a line table is set up for individual dining. We cannot ignore the crazy art on one side of the wall facing the bar and the large neon signature “Samurai Bar Samurai”. It gives you a very Japanese Feel.


Apart from the challenge of the so called “raw fish” and the use of chopsticks, the fish is so fresh that it melts in your mouth. The dishes give out the authenticity of Japanese cuisine in a very Japanese setting. We loved how we became comfortable with the surrounding and the food. This place is a definite try if you want to challenge yourself with Japanese cuisine.  

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