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As TGIFriday’s rightfully puts it and as far as we’re concerned, everyday is Friday at TGIFridays. From burgers and steaks to ice cream sandwiches and New York cheesecakes, they are as American as it gets!

Food and Drink

Pineapple Sunshine | Rs.340

TGIF has a variety of drinks to choose from so narrowing it down to one can be tough, however a sip of this could redirect your mind from having anything else. At first it tasted like pineapple cordial but towards the last few gulps, we found ourselves chewing little pieces of pineapple, which was quite delightful. All in all, it was a refreshing start to our super dinner.

Fried Mozzarella | Rs.630

The absolute highlight of anyone’s meal at TGIFridays should be cutting into the crispy crumb fried layer of their mozzarella stick and watching the hot mozzarella just ooze out like lava; and with the chunky tomato salsa dipping sauce, you’re left with the most pleasant, tangy flavor you wouldn’t want to get rid of. Hats off to them for absolutely nailing this iconic appetiser and maintaining consistency.

Sesame Jack Daniels Chicken Strips | Rs.940

Jack Daniels sauce goes with absolutely anything, especially with fried chicken strips over cabbage dusted with sesame seeds. The chicken strips were fried to absolute perfection and did not leave your fingers coated with oil, which was a win win, in our opinion. We would have definitely ordered two more if it weren’t for dessert.

Tortilla Crusted Nacho Meatballs | Rs.925

We decided to end our second course with another breadcrumb-coated item, which was not a bad idea at all. The deep-fried chicken meatballs on a bed of tomato, garlic and basil  with chunky tomato salsa worked reasonably well together, until we dipped it into the Jack Daniel’s sauce. But like we said before, Jack Daniel’s sauce goes with anything, so we we're hardly surprised. We definitely would have traded this for a portion of Sesame Jack Daniels Chicken Strips.

New York Cheesecake | Rs.1080

This is one of the most authentic and best cheesecakes you could find in Colombo! It had just the right sugar to cream cheese ratio and was baked to perfection. The drizzle of fruit compote, although rationed, was a seamless contrast between the tart fruit topping and the creamy sweet cheesecake. After a thundering first and second course, this is easily shared between two.


Their presentation was very well done for each and every dish. It was not overdone, neither was it underdone.


We were not approached to have our orders taken, to the point where we had to go over to them and ask them to come to our table, which was a disappointing start to the night. However the waiter was very pleasant and our food and drinks were brought to us promptly and with a smile. The dinner ended on a positive note, so we were happy eaters.

Interior & Ambience

The interior goes well with the type of food that is served. It has a very modern American feel to it where it transports you to America itself, with its lit up NYC background private booth tables, etc. TGIFridays is known for their uplifting ambiance; every now and then you hear their signature birthday song being sung for a customer.


It is possibly the best place to have a birthday dinner. It has a great ambiance to it and great food to go with it. Cannot wait to try out the other dishes on the menu! (we could do with a little more fruit compote on the New York Cheesecake)

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