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Tea Avenue

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 12 months ago

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Tea Avenue, for the past few years, has been an incredibly popular spot for families, friends…and practically everyone! If it’s comfort food, specialty orgasmic drinks (yes, we’re talking about the Ferrero Lavish) to the perfect cuppa, then Tea Avenue is your crib! 

With outstanding interior where contemporary meets primeval charm with comfortable seating (although a renovation of seating and tables would deem healthy) and a cozy atmosphere, you can always find yourself walking down Barnes Place into the loving arms of Tea Avenue! (And yes, their staff is incredibly fun and friendly!) 


Food & Drinks 

Tea Avenue has an extensive menu when it comes to both hot and cold drinks. Even though they specialize in tea, they have got a number of flavored teas in both hot and cold, including iced teas, mojitos, fresh orange & lime as well as thick milkshakes, coffee and finally their specialty drinks.

Cinnamon & Apple Flavored Hot Green Tea | Rs.400 (Per Cup)

The tea was served in a teapot (filled enough for two cups) with a tea cup, of course! Spoons and sugar are self- served from a counter to one’s requirement. Despite the sense of appeal and a perfect brew, we only got the flavor of apple with perhaps the slightest hint of cinnamon, making it a strong apple flavored tea!

Ferrero Lavish | Rs.850

We’ve all heard and seen freak shakes (on Facebook and on your friend’s Instagram who lives abroad and posts some amazing shakes), but we are always too afraid to give it a shot even though we are curious. The Ferrero Lavish, simply put, looks incredibly beautiful (eeek!). We are talking about a fat mug with thick chocolate milkshake and at least 3-4 scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, Nutella, chocolate syrup for decoration and the high, mighty Ferrero being the cherry on the top! 

Green Tea Mojito | Rs.400

Mojitos are a personal favorite, and the green tea mojitos didn’t fail to surprise us! It was in fact green tea with lots of ice cubes and mint leaves; A perfect ratio of green tea blended with the sourness of lime along with the fresh feel of the mint. It is a fabulous drink to cool off on a hot summer’s day. 

We wouldn’t say Tea Avenue has an extensive menu in comparison to their drink, however they’ve got a range of waffles (savory & sweet), pastas, lasagna, sandwiches, bites, breakfast meals, salads and much more - in a wide variety of different fillings, breads and types of pastas. 

Waffles with Chicken | Rs.650

This savory dish is just perfect for breakfast or lunch, with soft and fluffy waffles - slightly sweet, topped with fresh chicken tossed in pepper and packed with so much flavor and salad tucked into the waffle sandwich. 


Double Decker Burger | Rs.950

We all love burgers, and we all love chicken. But what we’d love more is double the chicken, meaning double the fun! Enjoy your meal with two fat crispy and juicy chicken breasts coated in crumb, decked in a slightly heated bun with lots of salad and a spicy secret sauce giving you that zing!

Tomato Based Prawn Pasta | Rs.800 

There were literally quite a lot of prawns, and the tomato base was tangy and spicy yet sweet at the same time. The pasta was cooked right as well. We asked for extra cheese which made the dish more delicious, although we would have loved some parmesan and perhaps the sauce to be extra thick. 

Prawn Toast | Rs.500 

The prawn toast was a twist, and seemed more of a fusion. The “toast” was roast paan cut into mini squares to form the shape of a canapé, topped with a thick layer of what seemed like masala prawns. It was the perfect evening snack with tea and was spicy - certainly a delight with the crispy roast paan. 

Tea Avenue has an array of desserts, from tarts, cheesecake and brownies to red velvet and seasonal delights!

Death by Chocolate Cake Slice | Rs.450

If you would die happily from an overdose of chocolate, you would surely want to try this amazing cake! Having tried so many chocolate cakes, this one actually stood out from all. From its rich flavor and texture to the smooth creamy taste and the moist and soft layers of the cake each bite took us to heaven and back (Yum!). 



When it comes to the presentation, the food most certainly seemed to catch the eye and looked absolutely stunning and your Instagram feed is bound to be blessed. 


Since you simply must order at the counter, they take your order precisely and serve according to the table number or you can self-service yourself. 

Interior & Ambience

It’s a very contemporary look with an old-world charm and with a selective playlist playing in the background and comfortable seating, you can end up seated here for hours on end. 


However although the food might have been decent we felt that it maybe quite pricey in comparison to other cafes. it's best to head into Tea Avenue if you're not broke! 


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