Tea Avenue (Breakfast)

Tea Avenue (Breakfast)

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 10 months ago

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If it's Barnes Places, it's the Tea Avenue! This cosy cafe has always been the locals and more recently - the tourists favourite hangout spot. From their extensive menu offering different types of tea along with a menu that serves solely comfort food and now - a fabulous and healthy breakfast range! 



Waffles Eggs Benny Smoked Chicken | Rs 850/-
Eggs Benedict dishes has been taking Colombo like a storm. This dish had neatly cut waffles which were airy, soft and creamy with the egg Benny on top - once again super soft, mouth watering and cooked to perfection. Beneath the Egg Benny's they've also added two slices of chicken ham, which were smoky in flavour. The garnish looked stunning with fresh pomegranate seeds, crushed up dil and a strong sour citrus mayo.


Pancakes with Blueberry &  Cream Cheese | Rs 720/-
Not a fan of pancakes, and this one got us wanting more! The tumblr looking pancakes, cooked once again to perfection which were in a light golden brown that were fluffy! The blueberries were crushed into a jam that just tasted heavenly and surprisingly sweet. The final touch which was the cream cheese that looked like a scoop of vanilla ice cream, had the right ratio of sour to the right creamy texture. 


Wholewheat Bread with Avocado | Rs 580/-
For the healthy fanatics, looking for something fresh and organic - this ones for you. A fat slice of whole wheat bread that was slightly  toasted with a dash of butter, was just delightfully crispy. The fresh avocado along with the chopped onions, olives and tomato brought out the Mexico in us, since it reminded us of a guacamole or salsa. 

Waffles with Eggs & Polsambol | Rs 580/-
The waffles were once again, golden brown which wasn't necessarily soggy nor sweet. And we loved how the pol sambol was super spicy with the Maldives fish and the chili along with the fried egg! 



Std 36 Milk Tea | Rs 350/-
The milk tea came in a large tea cup but was extremely frothy which gave us tea mustaches. But the best part was how the leaves were perfect brewed and the tea was warm and strong in flavor that brought out true Sri Lankan authenticity. 

Ferrero Lavish | Rs 850/-
Having tried their specialty drink before, we can never get tired of this rich shake. It was super large and thick with the chocolate ( and ice cream ) that's blended. The chocolate sauce garnish and sweet whip cream with the Ferrero on top made this an unforgettable drink!  

Caramel Frappe | Rs 600/-
The is drink was in a jar and was a cold beverage. The best part about this was the sweet and yet salty thick caramel infused in a strong aromatic iced coffee. It smelled and looked absolutely breathtaking and we'd definitely come for more. 


Service was exceptional and the staff were super friendly! 


Interior and Ambience 
The old school charm look and the cosy, almost private seating we can never get tired of. With a great playlist and an inviting atmosphere the ambience is pretty enticing. 


Finally we'd say we enjoyed the Tea Avenue breakfast spread and we'd definitely be coming back for the drinks and the pancakes!

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