Tea Lounge at Waters Edge

Tea Lounge at Waters Edge

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 9 months ago

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Disclaimer : this is not a franchise of the Dilmah T - Lounge, in fact this would be your tea inspired lounge if you're away from the bustling city of Colombo! (You can still make your way here regardless of where you live, everyone's invited!)

Once again Waters Edge hasn't failed to surprise us with yet another stunning addition to their list of achievements and restaurants they've got in house. Introducing their very own Tea Lounge situated right above The Bakery, which opened doors to the public earlier this year!

The moment we stepped into the lounge, we felt an experience that was quite novel. It didn't have the standard look of the typical tea lounges around Colombo, but seating arranged in a way that gave you comfort, privacy and space for you to stretch, work and eat in peace.

High wooden ceilings for your endless thoughts to wander about while you indulge in a tea sundae, or to the exquisite and contemporary architecture, and the statement piece that's right above the open kitchen with friendly staff that are always up and about!

Here's what we got to treat our lucky taste buds!



All drink are infused with different flavours of tea - Dilmah to be precise which means we know it's the best in the country.


Acai Pomegranate Berry Iced Tea | Rs.550

Ordering this drink, we weren't sure what to expect but boy were we glad we made the decision. The iced tea didn't come in the average jar like glasses but rather a towering glass filled with the ruby red liquid and fresh slices of strawberries and a strawberry garnish. Taking a sip from the drink, you realise there's no ice in it meaning you don't have to worry about having your straw stuck on an ice cube AND it tasted brilliant. Simply put, it was on the perfect temperature - not too cold or too warm and had a zesty strawberry flavour with a subtle hint of the pomegranate. We enjoyed the fact that there was the actual tea flavour present - unlike most iced teas that confuse you with a cordial or Mojito.


Arabian Night | Rs.550

An Arabic inspired tea mock-tail that's made precisely to give you an actual taste of how the Middle East would taste if it had a drink to its name. It looked very eye teasing and we enjoyed it so much! The fact that it had a slight smoky flavour to it but it was certainly sweet with a whiff of mint that blasts into your mouth leaving you in a state of euphoria. Don't believe us? Try it out yourself!


Berry Tea Sensation | Rs,550

The idea of a berry tea with strawberry purée is quite alluring and having tried this before at their wonderful Tea-licious! We felt this one was an improved version. The flavour present here was absolutely stunning, the sweet berry fusion along with the puréed fresh strawberries gave it a healthy and fresh element. It looked sensational too with the bright hues!



Bruschetta Mushroom & Smoked Chicken | Rs.950

Having tried bruschetta mostly in mini canapé style, you'd be taken back by the price of this dish and then realise why. This is one huge bruschetta with a HANDFUL of chicken and mushroom,  that's amazing. Why? Because first, presentation was on point and the topping was placed on a fresh and fluffy focaccia bread (Italian flat bread usually like a pizza dough). The chicken was cut into slices and mixed with the sliced button mushrooms cooked in a Italian tomato based sauce with herbs - there were chopped zucchini and bell pepper for that added crunch and flavour along with black olive slices giving you an authentic Italian experience. The item was topped with rocket leaves that gave out a spicy flavour to the dish overall.


Spicy Chicken Bockwurst Waffles | Rs.650

Thinking about this, got our mouth watering in no time and let us tell you why. The waffles at the tea lounge still have room for improvement since we've tried out better, but what makes it stand out from the rest is how milky and crispy it is. It's not too heavy, rather airy but you can definitely have the waffles simply all on its own! Moving on, the filling was bockwurst sausages in a spicy devil sauté. The juicy sausages went hand in hand with the neutral waffles, giving you a sense of calm and an explosion of spice. However the onions could've been sliced differently since the onion rings made it rather difficult to bite - yet we enjoyed the fresh onion crunch.


Tandoori Chicken Wrap | RS.850

If you want an authentic tandoori wrap, we'd wrap our fingers around this one! (I made a pun). The wrap was cut into three pieces making it quite easier to bite into. It was stuffed in a thin shawarma rotti along with the fabulously grilled chicken cut into cubes, salad, cucumber and a tomato based sauce. It was delicious and we adored how juicy and fresh it was without any overpowering flavours to ruin the originality. Along side they've served a raita that was quite thick and was perfectly salted and smelled divine.


Tuna Cheddar Cheese with Olives | Rs.950

This is called love at first sight, since it screamed comfort food. This was a tuna, olive and cheddar cheese combo that would basically blow your mind and give you a "gasm" unlike anything before. Fresh chunks of tuna smothered with, herbs and minced olives mixed into a cheesy white sauce that gives you the chills of a pasta Alfredo, and then you bite into the cheesy goodness and that's when you know you're in Tuna heaven.




Iced Tea Sundae | Rs.450

Tea inspired ice cream isn't an everyday indulgence but now we've got it right here at the Tea Lounge. The iced tea sundae are three scoops of artisan flavours. Strawberry, caramel and French vanilla - we found the strawberry ice cream to be exceedingly fresh giving out a low sugar and fresh zesty flavour of the strawberry along with the strawberry puréed sauce on top that was sweet. The caramel ice cream was pretty LIT - we absolutely loved the low sugar and subtle caramel flavour which wasn't too overpowering and doesn't get quite gross after awhile. The French vanilla tasted very similar to a normal vanilla ice cream but you can taste the lovely feel of the tea infusion which sets it apart from all them vanilla nuisance.


Devils Chocolate Cake | Rs.450

You read that right! The cake tasted exactly the way it sounds. Sinful indulgence that'll rip you apart in a haven of chocolate. (I'm not sure what I said there, but I try) The chocolate was thick and super rich in flavour, that initially leaves you in shock to be guilty of having such pleasure!! The cake base was cold since it's a cold dessert but we had a feeling this would have tasted better if it was served hot - like the devil. *wink*



All dishes and drinks were presented extremely well and looked totally Instagram worthy and you don't even have to try! With standard white modern plating with an interesting homey design along with other plating to match the dessert.



As mentioned before, the service was spot on with the staff being well aware of the menu and always so courteous.


Interior and Ambience

The interior spoke to you on a spiritual level, with glass walls and the high ceilings to the comfortable seating with a mix n match of the interior. The ambience was truly inviting and you can literally spend hours on end here lazing around or just hangout.


We are coming again (and again)! The location, the great drinks and food are definitely a must try and we truly enjoyed the experience here! We hope you feel same way too. 

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