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The Bavarian

Reviewed by Husein Esufally | 7 months ago

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Halal Factors

Craving some steak? Located opposite the historical Galle Face Hotel, The Bavarian offers a very unique and enticing German experience. However, it should be noted that this restaurant is only for those of you who are willing to spend the big bucks!

Also note that these portions are definitely big enough to share, so grab your partner-in-crime and head to the Bavarian for an exuberant and fulfilling feast!



Grilled Fried Prawns | Rs.1390

The crunchy texture of the prawns paired with the smokiness from the grill and the tangy lime flavours from the marination of the dish showcased the true sense of hearty and homely food. The peppery energy in the dish cancels out the strong sour flavours giving you a well balanced starter!

The accompanying salsa gave a much needed chilli kick to the dish while the tomatoes provided freshness and sweet relief. Braced with the dressing, this dish is the best thing to have if you are feeling cold in The Bavarian’s chilly indoor dining area.

Tenderloin Fillet topped with Blue Cheese and Caramelized Onions | Rs.3910

This Australian Beef tenderloin was absolutely spectacular! While the added accompaniments enhance the flavours of the dish, you can tell that the meat itself was well treated in its cooking and presentation.

The side portion of potatoes solidified the dish, providing a subtle earthy taste, reflecting the heritage of the meat. The salad augments the earthy flavours while adding an element of freshness. That being said, we would have liked to see a sour dressing on the salad as it was quite dry.

The lovely red-wine sauce had strong alcoholic flavours which gave you a lingering meaty, saucy after taste (the perfect thing if you crave some steak). The blue cheese that topped the dish brought everything together with its sweet and sour flavours that were otherwise lacking in the dish.

Tip: Best had medium-rare

Pan Roasted Fillet of Norwegian Pink Salmon | Rs.3660

Yes, I did not know what Norwegian Pink Salmon was before eating this, but to give you a brief introduction to this ever so delicate fish - unlike most fish, this fillet does not have a ‘fishy’ smell and the actual cut is of very clean and fresh-tasting meat. Usually this type of fish is very flaky, but The Bavarian prepares it in a way that the texture is firm enough to not fall apart on your fork yet soft enough for it to melt in your mouth (so you can attempt to eat in class).

The pesto rice was a very exclusive element to this dish. In addition to amalgamating the entire dish it provided a very herby essence, cleansing your senses just before devouring the fillet covered in rich, salty caper butter sauce. However the rice was quite abundant in the dish overpowering the delicate fish - we would recommend reducing the quantity.

Nothing fishy about this at all!

Tip: Be generous when drizzling the lime and add very little hot mustard for a hotter dish.


Flamingo | Rs.530

If you, like me, are a fan of Legally Blonde, this drink is something to try. Its darkened shade is packed full of bitter and sweet piquancies: the sweet cranberry and bitter pineapple. With hints of tangy flavours from the lime, this drink is an excellent sweet palate cleanser with a mild bitter after taste! It has ‘Elle Woods’ written all over it!

Cinderella | Rs.530

Full of acidic, tangy flavours, this drink will leave you with a mildly sour after taste. There is a strong orange juice extract which is refreshing after all the savoury dishes. If you can’t take the heat from the strong kicks of spice in the dishes, this one’s for you!



Snicker Mousse | Rs.870

No it’s not an enlarged Snickers bar, it’s even better! The silky chocolate mousse paired with a chocolate ganache is diabetes on a spoon! Thankfully, the introduction of the Butterscotch Caramel moderates the sweet flavours with its bitter taste. We only wish there was more of it as the dessert was quite rich and more caramel would have made all the difference.

I know what you’re thinking - it’s not Snickers without any kernels! No need to go nutty just yet because there is a generous measure of crunchy salted nuts drizzled on the dessert. In the end we were convinced that we were eating a bigger and better Snickers bar!


Super friendly, observant and efficient - each staff member was attentive to all the needs of the diners — clearing finished dishes and drinks, taking down orders and giving recommendations.

“Service with a smile” as we put it.



Plated with understated grandeur, each dish emitted a vivid sense of simplicity and blatancy — like all pub-style food should! The beauty of the dishes are their centre pieces: the glistening meats with their lustrous sauces.

Interior and Ambience

The polished wood finishes give a very rustic energy and the low hanging pendant lights give an intimate ambience (perfect for dining with that special someone)!

Ever been to a live cricket match? Well, the Bavarian shares the same dominant scent of beer, so if you need to watch the game in a more quiet, chic ambience The Bavarian is your go-to place!


Keeping it casual and comfy, The Bavarian serves up a Viking sized meal that guarantees you won’t go home remotely hungry; so grab the boys and order your beers and indulge in the wide variety of delicious signature steaks offered at The Bavarian.

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