The Bread Company

The Bread Company

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 8 months ago

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Halal Factors

Right down Thimbirigasyaya, you'd find a large Texas inspired board screaming Green Chilli pastries (super curious on this) and right below a board emphasising on how The Bread Company specialises in German artisan bakery and Deli foods.

You see, it's not very often in the heart of Colombo you'd find a decent spot to get fresh crusty bread, home made granola, iced tea and their range of meats. It's all about being organic, fresh and insanely healthy! (Not to mention mouth-wateringly delicious)

Plus stuff here are pretty authentic considering how the owners behind this marvel are hailing for Germany!



Roast Beef Sandwich | Rs.450/-

Hands down one of my favourites, that I had to switch my initially selected sandwich with Tenisha because it was that good! We had the choice to choose between whole grain or whole wheat, and since I wanted to be all healthy we went with a thick dark brown whole grain plastered with tons of sesame and other seeds. The roast beef sandwich is cold sandwich with their beef thinly sliced and packed with amazing flavour. Although it can be a tad bit tough, but definitely worth it over the average Sub. Now the cherry on the top in this marvellous dish is the homemade mustard sauce. It's almost like a honey glazed mustard, not too bitter but also tones of sweetness. Bloody brilliant I tell you.


Cream Cheese Sandwich | Rs.450/-

A nice fluffy whole wheat bread drizzled with white and black sesame seeds that looked divine. One bite and you know it's stuffed with a thick layer of cream cheese that tasted pretty neutral and average. Add to that the freshly cut chunks of cucumber, and you're greeted with a mouthful of fresh vibes too!


Cinnamon Rolls | Rs.200/-

For the price quoted it was definitely worth it! The cinnamon rolls were warm and you can see the cinnamon sugar glaze all shiny waiting to be licked! The roll was insanely soft and stuffed with fresh raisins and the glaze was just comfort food 101.



Strawberry Mint Iced Tea | Rs.150/-

Freshly made iced tea which was the ultimate thirst quencher, with the soft hues of the strawberry and the sudden strong feel of the mint.


Pineapple Juice | Rs.400/-

Freshly squeezed pineapple juice y'all! No added sugar in any of the drinks and it's all about the goodness of the original product.



Dishes were presented in unique plating that each looked rather distinct. The presentation looked rather solid with the checkered table cloth and dice inspired  salt & pepper!


Interior and Ambience

As you walk in you few like you're in a homey dining room with the calm atmosphere and the freshly baked goodies  coming from the kitchen to the classy crowd.



The staff are pretty quick and efficient, all though they did get our order wrong since we asked for a creamy chicken filling but got the cream cheese filling instead.



As a final note, I would find myself coming here again simply to savour their range of breads to the lovely cinnamon rolls and iced teas. With prices pretty reasonable, and a decent spot to get some work done - the bread company can be your new favourite coffee stop! (Yes they do serve coffee too)


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461, Thimbirigasyaya Road, 10500 Colombo, Sri Lanka
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