The Chaat Kade

The Chaat Kade

Reviewed by Hafsa Killru | 1 year ago

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Crammed between a typical street food location (amidst a tyre and tea shop) at W.A. Silva Mw, a tiny, new shop has popped up in midst of the main road hustle.

Bringing to Sri Lanka the ever popular Chaat with its origins tracked to Uttar Pradesh, we can now have the typical experience of eating these Chaats in a road side stall - just a dream come true after watching Bollywood movies!

Trying out The Chaat Kade for the first time since they opened just two weeks ago, we were simply in love with this stall.

Food & Drink

They had a short menu but with the most popular Chaats offered anywhere. They had Chaats, Chaai also other Indian street food and this is what we picked out.

Pani Puri (Rs.180) - just like SRK says, you would've heard the name, right? Yes, Pani Puri is well known for its uniqueness of exemplary method of dipping the Puri in the Pani and eating a mouthful at one go. The Puri had a thin, crusty layer with a bit of spicy mashed potatoes. The Pani was served in a tiny tumbler and was watery still sweet with a hint of tamarind. It had to be poured inside the round Puri and having the whole round Puri in one go, there was a pop of crust and a mix of mild flavours of sweet and hot.

Dahi Puri | Rs.200 

This came soaked in an airy gravy and was too vulnerable to hold even with two of the fingers. They just had to be put inside the mouth, again at one go. This gave away a combination of both sweet and sour while the mixtures sprinkled on top gave more detail to the Chaat.

Dry Chicken Fry | Rs.150

Getting bored with a routine of Rotti and Curry? No, you're going to ask for more when you try it out at The Chaat Kade! They give a thick chicken curry along with two warm Rottis and it was such a great platter. We would have loved more chicken, though.

Masala Chai | Rs.50

A simple hot tea touching your taste buds after a session of some spicy food is just the cherry on top of the cake. And that’s exactly what The Chaat Kade offers! Their ginger infused Chaai was a bit dark in colour and it had the right amount of texture and sugar, something you'll gulp at once!

Their prices are very low but you would still want to receive a huge bill for what they offer!


All their Chaats were served in tiny, aluminium dishes and trays. And we loved the tumbler that the Chaaya was served in. The food was already a treat to the eye with its presentation on point.

The stall is very small and can occupy only a handful of people. You can even sit outside and enjoy your Chaats. One side of the stall has a fun graffiti art done, almost resembling a colouring book.


We loved The Chaat Kade and we are definitely popping in for more and more of these mouth-watering Chaats and street food. You will have one of the best street food experiences here!.

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78B, W.A Silva Mawatha, Colombo 0006
Tel : 077 734 9329

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