The Fat Crab

The Fat Crab

Reviewed by Haleema Nazar | 8 months ago

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Halal Factors

Note of warning : Pay a heed amount of attention to the dessert menu as liquor is added into one of their desserts, called 'Cinnamon and Vodka Ice-cream with Caramelized Pineapple'.
The rest of the dishes are free from alcohol so if the goal is to dine in without any liquor influence, be sure to keep a lookout.


If you ask around for a downtown seafood restaurant that offers an outdoor deck dining experience, you'll find The Fat Crab the most popular recommendation, offering some of the finest seafood delicacies in Colombo. 

Located along Marine drive, The Fat Crab handsomely  rewards you with fresh seafood, an upscale menu and an extensive beverage list paired perfectly well with a laid-back beachy atmosphere. 

Taking into consideration our profound love for anything seafood related, it didn't take long for us to make an appearance.



Fruity Mojito (Strawberry / Pineapple) | Rs.675

If you're looking for a thirst quencher to beat the heat, this drink is definitely the way to go about it!

We decided to go with strawberry and we were left in awe at the perfect balance between the  sourness of the strawberry and lime, sweetness from the sugar and mint leaves and lastly, the fizz from the sprite, all compatibly working well together, which undoubtedly prevailed to be delightfully refreshing.

Towards the last few sips, we found ourselves biting tiny pieces of strawberry which was a fitting way to end it.


Melonita | Rs.495

As soon as we spotted raw honey on the menu, our minds were set as we were curious to see if watermelon, mint leaves and raw honey were a good combination. Unfortunately, the contribution of honey proved to be overwhelmingly too sweet, as a result, it overpowered the watermelon and mint leaves in the process, almost to the extent that after two sips, it wasn't possible to lean in for another.  

Possibly go easy on the honey and you have yourself a winner.



Signature Seafood Chowder | Rs.595

This was an ideal dish to warm up our appetites with every mouthful vibrantly oozing out with punchy layers of flavour. Rich in cream and perfectly seasoned along with a beautifully mastered texture, we were awestruck at how insanely  divine it was. Biting through generous pieces of a varied assortment of well cooked seafood meat such as prawns and calamari was the cherry on top! 

The dish was garnished with freshly washed parsley that added a tinge of colour that inevitably helped make the dish look more appealing. 

 Hands-down, this was by far my favorite dish of the night and quite frankly, easily falls into the ranks of our top 3 'Best served soups in Colombo' .



Baked Crab in the Shell | Rs.790

After an incredible start,we didn't think it was humanly possible for the rest of the dishes to be able to match up to the high standard that the soup achieved but we were shamefully proved wrong.  The baked crab arrived in a charming little inedible shell, skillfully cooked to absolute perfection. The meat was delicate and soft, the kind of meat that you would need to proceed with caution as it gracefully falls apart.

Furthermore, it is gently mixed with a creamy white sauce and a hint of pepper and salt, and lastly, topped with a thin layer of cheese that is torched to a golden crust which proved to be the perfect accompaniment.


Fish N' Chips | Rs.1200

A classic western dish loved by many and if not delivered well, may leave a bit of resentment for some. Unfortunately, what arrived at our table didn't live up to our expectations purely because the fish was slightly bland due to the lack of seasoning and wasn't as fresh or flaky as much as we would have liked it to be. There was no crispy exterior that it is widely known for, instead the coating was slightly soggy ,possibly due to being fried at the wrong temperature.

However, in saying that, they nailed a splendid crisp exterior on their version of double fried french fries, all the while maintaining a firm and fluffy interior. 

The tartar sauce was extra zingy, adding an appealing vinegar tang along with it, which would have been an ideal condiment for the fish if the fish had been prepared properly.


Chilli Prawn Pasta | Rs.850 (Appetizer)      Rs.1400 (Main Course)

One of the staff members made a compelling case about how this dish was his favorite and that we simply had to give it a shot. One bite into it and we were able to fully grasp exactly what he was trying to convey to us. It was one of those dishes that you would have one day and still be able to savour its taste after a week, even to the extent of vividly recalling tiny details such as its plated presentation. 

The fettuccine pasta was  silky and smooth and there was an ample amount of beautifully cooked prawns scattered all over the dish. The pasta and prawns were smothered in a rich creamy tomato sauce, which remained the highlight of the dish.

The dish produced a cozy and homely vibe and it was over within minutes!          


Singapore Style Chilli Crab | Full Meal :  Rs.2500 (Medium)        Rs.2950 (Large) 

Arriving at our table,we couldn't help but soak in the strong aromatic flavour that instantly arose from the fresh crab. The crab meat was decadent and tender and their big claws were easy to crack, creating less of a hassle of extracting the goodness from it. The sauce was a perfect balance of sweet and sour providing a kick of fiery flavours that accentuated a fuzzy warm feeling.

The Singapore Style Chilii Crab was accompanied with a loaf of kade paan, dhal and pol sambol, all complimenting the dish nicely.

So strap on a bib and get those crackers ready, you've got work to do!     



Homemade Chocolate Brownies | Rs.495

Sadly, this missed the mark as it resembled characteristics of a basic chocolate cake. It wasn't gooey nor fudgey and there was no trace of moistness inside. Added to that, it  also failed to deliver a flaky crust on top where some might suggest is the best part of a brownie.

According to the the menu, the brownie would be served with a melted mocca butter sauce on top but there was no hint of it, just basic chocolate on chocolate.


Don Stanley's Philadelphia Cream Cheesecake | Rs.890

The texture of the cheesecake was light and fluffy, creating a lovely creamy consistency that was reflected with every bite.  A fairly decent amount of blueberry sauce is poured on top, uplifting the dish in terms of its taste and presentation.

However, the slice that we received was relatively quite small for the price quoted and I would think twice about ordering it the next time.



Our service on site was excellent from the time we entered the door till we left.

The waiter that took down our order was helpful and carefully analyzed our tastes and preferences and did a satisfactory job in guiding us to dishes that would better suit our likes. 

Taking the time to politely explain dishes in detail always sits right with us, clearly showing us that they truly do care about their customers and their dining experience.  


Interior and Ambiance

The wooden cane exterior gives a clue to the authentic seafood experience within.

 The restaurant had a beautiful old calling with rustic wooden chairs and tables with a slight retro vibe from the 90's due to a variety of movie posters that are hung along their walls.

The occasional breeze from the beach and dim lighting inside help set the scene, providing a cozy and tranquil environment.                                               



Right from the meal to the friendly demeanor of the staff to its comfortable ambiance, The Fat Crab truly delivered in all aspects and we were immensely content with our overall dining experience.

The Fat Crab have effortlessly crawled their way into our hearts, transforming us into avid fans and we are eagerly anticipating our next visit.


Yes, it is a little pricey but you get what you pay for and sometimes its worth having a little quality that lives on in the memory so it becomes an occasion rather than just a meal.


If you're ever in the vicinity,make sure to head down there and try out the Chilli Prawn Pasta and the Seafood chowder,you'll be thanking us later!

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