The Paddington

The Paddington

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 11 months ago

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Halal Factors

Now if you're feeling down and really want to escape; the kind of escape where you want to pack your bags and skip town, but can barely afford a plane ticket? So, head over to England, right in the heart of Colombo! Yes, the Paddington is the perfect substitute. It's certainly not gloomy - It lifts your spirit and your cheeks by their stunning, gourmet food! 

Food & Drink

Chilli Cheese Fries | Rs.595

Fries can never go wrong, and it's an all time favourite wherever you go, from the time you were introduced to it as a child. Now as an adult, it might seem a little out of place munching plain French fries (not that I care), and you'd love a little sophistication. These chilli cheese fries as you can see, was breathtaking and seemed like a Michelin star dish. And honestly, it deserves a lot of stars, the classic fries were tossed in a spicy and aromatic, thick devilled onions and capsicum. This was smothered in a thick layer of creamy cheese and a handful of dressing. It can be shared among two people and is totally worth the price.

Chilli Flakes Prawn Pasta | Rs.895

Having tried a couple of prawn pastas, we already had a table drawn up in our heads, comparing and contrasting; this particular dish gets all the ticks. The penne pasta was boiled perfectly and the cheese wasn't simply white sauce with a tiny handful of cheese. Rather it was a mix of Parmesan, Cheddar AND Mozzarella! Like isn't that the official three cheese jackpot. A thick, cheesy and creamy sauce as well as the soft bite of the pasta, not to mention the marinated prawns that were, once again, spot on with the roasted chilli flakes.

Cyprus Gyro BBQ burger | Rs.895

This was certainly interesting since the burger wasn’t your average patty. It had a chicken, beef patty AND chicken bacon. Talk about a meat takeover! The meat was insanely juicy, giving you the breakfast bacon flavour coated in that delicious BBQ sauce. However, a flaw we noticed was - the menu mentioned it'll be served with potato wedges but, we simply got the classic fries. 

Chinese Styled Fried Rice with a Chicken Devilled | Rs.750

Clearly. we did not LOVE this. The rice was bland and it tasted so calm and off after gobbling a number of items that sincerely screamed FLAVOUR! The devil, although nice, was thick and had so much chilli that it certainly was true to its name. The large chunks of chicken were super juicy - well marinated and fried. 

Passion Fruit Mojito | Rs.620

Passion fruit is known for its zesty flavour and it went well with the muddled lime and mint! However, we'd prefer larger straws for plain fact to suck on the passion fruit seeds.  

Famous Death by Chocolates Shake | Rs.650

We've tried the cake and if you haven't tried the shake – Man! You’re missing a great deal! Topped with loads of chocolate ice cream and a shake with zero milk along with scoops of only chocolate with the actual cake blended into it, it fills you up in no time! 

Sweet Lime Iced Tea | Rs.395

Ah, our favourite! We enjoyed the subtle favours of lime that was, most certainly, sweet to the flavour of tea. 

Chocolate Soufflé | Rs.450

This looked more or less like a lava cake and there surprisingly was the lave (chocolate) but it wasn't a cake, it was a soufflé which was super wobbly and squishy. It wasn't something we'd try again. 


The presentation was appetising, with modern cutlery and mini jars for the drinks along with lots of dressing. 

Service & Ambience

Staff were well aware of the menu and were quite fast in service, although a few renovations were in store for them. The ambience was calming and enticing, too.


We enjoyed Paddington and what's there to say? You'd love it too! 


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