The Sizzle

The Sizzle

Reviewed by Hafsa Killru | 1 year ago

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Halal Factors

Meals are great when its sizzling, isn’t it? Don’t you just love it when your stomach is grumbling and you see a platter full of smouldering food just for you?

Sizzles have been on top of the best restaurants ever since they commenced operations at Colombo 3 and so far, have maintained the hallmark they have achieved.

Food & Drink

With a menu offering an assortment of great food, don’t you want to just pick out everything you spot?

But, we couldn’t do that of course! So, here’s what we specifically tried out there. 

The first thing our eyes did was scan the menu for drinks and we ordered a Fresh Apple Juice, Vanilla Ice Cream Milkshake, Sweet Lassi and Sizzling Melina’s Revenge.

The Apple Juice (Rs.300) was airy and icy; fresh and thick with blended shreds of apple. The Vanilla Milkshake (Rs.450) was rather sweet and it gave a neutral taste with its thick texture and the Sweet Lassi (Rs.300) tasted similar with a milky flavour mixed in it.

The Sizzling Drink (Rs.400) was striking when it seemed on fire. And, oh – it had a cute cherry on it!

Garlic Toast (Rs.550) – Anything garlic is preferred for our appetizers, right? That’s what we did. We picked out the Garlic Toast which came along with a spicy chili sauce served in a cup shaped like an Aladdin lamp. The bread was of course toasted with garlic making it rather moist while giving out a juicy taste (one of the bread was exceedingly toasted, though).

Our mains consisted of Lucian Bute’s Flying Fist (Rs.1550) and Holifield’s Buster Main (Rs.1500).

A sizzling platter full of Mongolian Rice muddled up with beef and prawns? – YES! It was perfect for a hungry stomach on a long day. The dish seemed a bit bland at the beginning, not giving off any taste. But then, when the flavours of the beef and prawns clashed with the carbs it was quite a decent meal. On an additional note – the meal didn’t lack any beef or prawns; in fact, it was quite overloaded. You can even share your meal with another since it was too much for an individual.

The other meal had an enormous beef placed elegantly at the center of the platter, while a portion of soft-textured mashed potato was placed next to it along with some fresh, boiled veggies. The beef was too tasty since we tasted it when it was ablaze and the mashed potatoes went in complementary to the flavour of the beef. Let’s call it an appetising meal, indeed?

We tried out their desserts, Judy’s Favourite Sizzle (Rs.700) and Debbie’s Favourite Sizzle (Rs.600). Let’s not get confused with what they are now. Literally, Brownie and Cheesecake and Biscuit Pudding was topped with Vanilla Ice Cream. Both the blazing desserts made way into our good books. They were melting owing to the heat of the platter, making it rather soft and they were placed at the center surrounded by chocolate liquid, just like an island surrounded by the ocean.


Going along with their theme, all their mains, desserts and drinks come sizzling in an iron and wood platter – it can be heavy to move it around though. Some of the drinks are offered in very tall glasses making it loaded for just one.


The staff were very friendly and they did cater to our requirements. They took a couple of minutes to serve our orders but we don’t have any complaints about their service.

Interior & Ambience

Walk in to the restaurant to find a dusky hall full of wooden furniture and a ceiling hidden by photographs of customers taken at the restaurant. The environment was calm and peaceful and it is recommended for a comfortable dining.


A bit over-priced, but then their portions are quite large enough for two. The Sizzles doesn’t necessarily fall under casual dining nor high-end restaurants; they are open to anyone! What more? We even had a chat with the man behind The Sizzles, Mr. Tushar and we were told that very soon they will be opening a sister restaurant at Dehiwala, with larger capacity and much more!

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not an ideal place for quick food eaters as those foods are served in very hot metal plates which are dipped in wooden cases,,,,,,

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