The Station

The Station

Reviewed by Tenisha Buell | 8 months ago

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This gem cannot be considered as ‘just another restaurant on Marine Drive’; with an interior that is synthesis of both chic and beach-y, The Station is perfect for a casual drink by the beach as well as an elegant sea-breeze-accompanied dinner. Plus they serve some truly impressive cocktails and seafood! We fell in love with the layout and interior in particular as it assures you that you can dress both casual AND elegant, we like to emphasize.



Hot Butter Cuttlefish | Rs.600/-

Definitely some of the best hot butter cuttlefish in Colombo! The outer layer was crunchy and as you bit into it, it was melt in your mouth perfection. A series of the best hot butter cuttlefish is in the making and this will definitely be a contender!


Seafood Mixed Grill | Rs.1500/-

This dish came out sizzling, which was quite impressive as it was not what we expected. We were presented with crab, prawns, seer fish and cuttlefish along with French fries drizzled with ketchup. An average dish that had been upgraded both cooking wise and presentation wise. The seafood was quite flavorful and we thoroughly enjoyed the seer fish and prawns in particular although the prawn hadn’t been de-shelled, making the eating process inconvenient as we spent more time de-shelling the prawns than eating it.


Black Pepper Lamb | Rs.1150/-

As someone who is obsessed with black pepper anything, this was truly a treat; and when I was presented with fine quality lamb, I was sold! This dish was absolute perfection; from the tender lamb to the black pepper seasoning, we saw a glimpse of heaven after a bite of this. 10/10 for this and not surprised it was a special.



Virgin Strawberry Mojito | Rs.450/-

We were told that no syrups or artificial additives are included in their cocktails, and it didn’t faze us as to how much of a difference it makes when homemade fruit purees are added into cocktails rather than syrups because this was the best virgin strawberry mojito we’ve tried; so much so that we ordered more than one.


Passionfruit Mojito |  Rs.850/-

For those light drinkers with a soft side for passion fruit, this one’s for you! Perfect sipper when you’re on an elegant night out for drinks!


Pina Colada | Rs.850/-

This is what I’d like to call a party starter; if you’re going out dancing after pre drinks, we definitely recommend a few of these to keep you going for the rest of the night. The pineapple juice and coconut were refreshing and it was as if the bartender wasn’t paying attention to how much white rum was being added. I’m definitely not complaining!



The presentation of the dishes suited the interior and ambiance perfection; special mention goes out to the mojitos because they were truly a sight for sore eyes.



We went to the restaurant on a weekday and at an unusual time so we were the only ones being served, and boy were we treated like royalty. The food arrived promptly, the staff was wonderful and quite helpful.


Ambiance and Interior

Now the interior and ambiance is something we can go on for days  but we’ll keep it simple. It was incredible. There’s an upper deck with a long table for private dinners, which show that they cater to all crowds. From the chic and elegant lights and walls to the beachy vibe outside, we cannot emphasize enough how great this place is whether it's for a beer by the beach on a Sunday morning or a cheeky cocktail on an elegant evening on a Saturday night.



With an ambiance and interior such as this along with great food, one cannot go wrong. We are definitely heading back for the vibe and a few plates of HBC and some mojitos!

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