The Steuart by Citrus - &Co Pub and Kitchen

The Steuart by Citrus - &Co Pub and Kitchen

Reviewed by Duhan Veera | 11 months ago

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Do you imagine dining on the traditional Shepherd’s Pie in an English Pub?

Colombo’s premium “& Co Pub and Kitchen” offers an authentic experience for those who would love to indulge in British cuisine. Tucked in the touristy Steuart Hotel behind Dutch Hospital, the setting is that of a ye olde tavern giving out a “dungeon dining in an ancient castle” vibe.

Food & Drink

We skipped the starters to try out the Slippy Sloppy Lasagna and the Traditional Scottish Fish and Chips.

Traditional Scottish Fish And Chips | Rs.795

We loved how the fries literally come in a small bucket, and are some of the best fries we've had in Sri Lanka. The fatness and flavor is on point, and the portion is good. The fish though was smaller than I expected, but the flavor was succulent with hints of sour and sweet. Unfortunately the presentation, was visually unappetizing as the board has been worn out from all the cutting.

Slippy Sloppy Lasagna | Rs.895

The lasagna was good. I was drooling from the moment I laid my eyes on the plate. The basil, tomato and mustard sauces complement each other with a punch of flavor in your mouth. It had the good hints of toastiness and creaminess to it. The Lasagna is served with Chef’s Salad comprising of sliced carrots, lettuce in mayonnaise which is nothing special.

Strawberry Milkshake | Rs.650

The dessert menu is very insignificant and disappointing with about two out of the seven qualifying as desserts. There should have been a wider choice for desserts, something the English are famous for. It would be wonderful to see some trifle, sweet tart or pie on the menu.

Therefore, we opted for a Strawberry Milkshake to combine the drink and dessert feature. It was just too sweet and loaded with extra sugar. We'd suggest you stick to the pub drinks only as Happy Hour was a bargain.  


We'd suggest the management think of new ways to serve this dish that is both cutting friendly and visually appealing.


The service was very good, the staff is attentive and welcoming. The staff are armed with recommendations and know the menu well. Lunch and the weekends could get very busy and attention maybe a little difficult to get. The food take about 20 minutes to be served - a little patience is required. The manager is kind enough to visit every table, chatting with diners about the service and how it can be improved. Overall, good service.

Ambience & Interior

It's take on a British pub, gives a very cozy and chill atmosphere. The shamrock, green with gold and various different crests bring out the representation of the ye olde tavern. We enjoyed the outdoor seating as the interior had a very dungeon feeling, which could symbolize the British weather. 

Overall it's a good place to just chill and catch up with your friends and can hold a decent conversation with no noisy teens or crying babies.


&Co still has a strong menu, range of well-executed dishes and use of the awesome colonial building it’s nestled into. Improvements on the dessert department and presentation would be advisable. The service is great and the seating space outside which is ideal if you want to chill out. This is clearly a place we would enjoy hanging

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