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Reviewed by Husein Esufally | 5 months ago

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Halal Factors

You can't go wrong with Italian food, so if you need some creamy, cheesy goodness (because you always deserve it) stop by The Bayleaf for a meal that is sure to last you till your next breakfast!



Insalata Di Tricolore | Rs.950

Essentially this dish is comprised of mozzarella, rocket, tomatoes, avocado and eggplant set on crispy pizza bread topped with glistening balsamic vinegar.

The sour mozzarella and balsamic vinegar brilliantly complimented the sweet tomatoes and the avocado, leaving you with a refreshing aftertaste. The freshly ground pepper sprinkled on top gives an earthy flavour, grounding the entire dish.

Flavours aside, we noted that the items on top of the pizza bread could have been cut smaller as it is quite a mouthful to eat everything at once when you want to get the full flavour.

Tip: This serves 2/3 people

Ravioli Di Anatra | Rs.1225

Perfectly sized for a main course, the creamy duck ravioli was a delicious dish. The perfectly cooked ravioli, with a generous amount of vodka sauce, melts in your mouth leaving you wanting more. The dusted oregano provides a necessary herb-y flavour, saving you from the potentially overpowering creamy flavours.

Fettuccine Rosse alla Pugliese | Rs.1100

Filled with bell peppers and chillies, this rendition of fettuccine gives you a jumble of sweet, bitter and spicy flavours! For those spice fans out there, this is definitely one to get your forks into. The touches of spinach reduce the spicy kick leaving you with a nice earthy aftertaste: that’s what Italian food is all about.



Mint Passion Cooler | Rs.450

The drink is a great palate cleanser between dishes and courses as the strong flavours of passion fruit cancel out the lingering taste of cheese and the heaviness of the cream.

That being said, the flavour of the passion fruit overpowered the mint and the syrup used was very thick making it a very pasty drink towards the end. As such, adding passion fruit essence would create a much cleaner drink, allowing the fresh mint flavours to come through.




Zabaglione con Gelato | Rs.475

This dessert was much lighter than we expected - the foamy texture of the whipped egg yolk and how it just disappears in your mouth leaving an eggy aftertaste — one that is not unpalatable - is something difficult to accomplish.

There's more though - under the alcohol-infused foam, there is a scoop of sweet ice cream that cuts the alcohol, making the dessert easier to devour. The inclusion of the biscuit solidifies the whole dish with how it brings together all the elements.

Tip: Eat the strawberry last for a sweet and acidic palate cleanser.

Amaretto Crème Brûlée | Rs.575

The traditional french dessert reinvented - The Bayleaf creates an almond infused creme brûlée to finish off a rally of modern Italian food. The custard’s sweetness was well balanced with the bitter caramel on the top.

The crispy caramel topping was not biscuit-y, but was crispy enough to counteract the silky custard — if you are looking for a simple way to end a complex meal, this is for you!



Since the dishes are made fresh to order, the time taken for food to reach the table is quite long, however, the politeness of the obliging staff suggest amazing customer care.



Simple, rustic and alluring — like all Italian food should be. Its simplicity is its beauty; it’s what makes it such a captivating dish.


Interior and Ambience

The restaurant is furnished in such a way that it accommodates any occasion: a family dinner, a birthday party or even a date. The dimly lit spaces and simple, clean design is relaxing and family friendly; it formulates an evening of fun, friends and food.


Minimal in design, but monumental in personality, The Bayleaf is for everyone, anytime. Much like the herb it’s named after, the restaurant is rustic, rejuvenating and refreshing. But what makes The Bayleaf a unique Italian restaurant in Colombo? Put simply, it's their ability to recreate traditional Italian dishes in a contemporary fashion while still retaining the respect for its historic heritage - a fusion of the old and the new.

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