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Tom Yum

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 11 months ago

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The reason why Thai food has made a huge comeback in Sri Lanka is because we locals absolutely #Love Thai cuisine. From their teasingly appeasing sauces, to their colorful range of curry to the iced tea and finally the range of quirky desserts.

Tom Yum is specialized in Thai street food just down Galle road below the popular breakfast joint - One Up All Day Breakfast. If you're craving for genuine Tom Yum, then bruh get in here!

A lovely multicultural couple, the wife from Thailand takes charge in the kitchen and brings to the table untouched recipes all the way from Thailand for a true authentic Thai experience, right here in busy Colombo. 

Food and Drink

Tom Yum | Rs.990

How can we not try out the Tom Yum at Tom Yum? You either have the choice of chicken or seafood to choose from and we got the seafood (obviously) and secretly declared it being our favorite Tom Yum in the country! The original flavor with zero influence of anything foreign. There was the perfect mix of sweet and sour with a strong hint of the spiciness that hits the back of your throat, almost like a wake up call. There were handfuls of squid, fish and prawns giving you something to munch on for every sip. It can easily be shared between three people if you're going to go for small serving sizes. (Save space for more food!)

Tom Zap | Rs.950

This a spicy beef soup and if you love an overdose of pepper and chunks of boiled beef then this is it. The soup reminds you of the typical beef soup your mum makes at home that you enjoy so much with roast paan or white rice. We didn't find anything special about this, but we definitely enjoyed the spice. The fact that it was clear water soup and not coconut milk gave it an entirely different texture to the Tom Yum.

Kanompang Na Koong (Prawns toast) | Rs.550

The prawns toast was probably one of the many highlights of our meal. Mini triangular bread smothered with one soft juicy prawn and their secret gravy which was slightly sweet with a handful of sesame seeds drizzled on top and then deep fried to give you the crunch, the mushy meat and the subtle flavor of the sesame.

Penaeng Neua, Gai (Chicken red curry) | Rs.800

If you're a Thai food fanatic you've probably heard of the red, yellow and green Curries in Thai cuisine. We opted for the chicken red curry, and we almost lost our minds with how amazing it tasted! With lots of chicken strips in a fabulous red curry which had a strong lemongrass flavor and the right amount of spiciness to sweetness ratio making you want to simply gulp the entire gravy. You must seriously try the dish out so you understood why I'm at a lost for words. (You can also get it in beef or prawns)

(Pu pad pongkari) Fried crab with curry powder | Rs.1500

Who doesn't love crab? We ordered the fried crab and I can tell you we weren't disappointed. With juicy, soft crab meat that melts into your mouth with a thick yellow curry powder curry that'll drive your taste buds crazy.

Khao Pad (Thai Fried Rice) | Rs.700

The fried rice the Thai enjoy ain't nothing like the Chinese. You'd realize the jasmine rice has so much flavor and natural essence than any added substances to alter the flavor. With hints of lemongrass, fluffy rice and vegetables you'd only understand once you take a spoonful yourself. With two fat prawns placed on top with pepper and a chili sauce - this was pretty good all on its own.

Khao (Steam Rice) | Rs.200

Plain white steamed rice, with the right amount of salt. White jasmine rice goes incredibly well with curries to get the original flavor since the rice is basic. If you've got a couple of Thai curries and wonder what carbs to go with, you can't go wrong with steam rice.

Thai Lemon Iced Tea | Rs.500

The ice tea came in a long tumbler with another tall glass filled with large chunks of ice that looked like a work of art! We found the iced tea really thick and filled with lemon fibers and once melted with the ice gives you a strong lemon tea flavor - that compliments the food.

Thai Milk Ice Tea | Rs.500

Not a huge fan of milk, but this once again presented the same way as the ice tea. The milk ice tea was the same tea with added milk and it had a sweet and quite interesting flavor.

Fried Bread with Soft Banana with Condensed Milk Topping | Rs.600

This was quite interesting, the banana was smashed into a neat bread dough that's fried to perfection - crispy brown and drizzled with thick condensed milk as the sweet topping. It was gooey in the middle, crisp on the outside and delicious!

Kluay Tod (Fried Sliced Banana) | Rs.500

If you've tried banana fritters this is the equivalent. But instead of a sugar syrup or kithul poured on top, its infused into the dough with sesame and the banana isn't smashed. It's a popular Thai street food!

Garlic Squid | Rs.750

If I can choose to eat something forever and ever, it'll be this. The squid were marinated in possibly the yummiest garlic and dipped in thick crumbs and then fried to perfection to give you the packed juices of the squid burst into your mouth right after the crunch.


The items were placed on modern white plating but with a sheet of banana leaf before placing the items to give authenticity.


The staff were courteous and they made us aware of what exactly they are placing on our table (mostly because the names of these dishes are foreign to us)

Interior and Ambience

The restaurant had a very contemporary look with wooden floorboards and warm blue plush chairs. The seating was quite limited, with Thai street food inspired paintings!


Tom Yum is a a Thai restaurant you should definitely give a shot if you haven't tried already. Although a little pricey, we personally found incredible flavor and quality in the food that compensated with the price!

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330, Galle Road, Colombo 04

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