Tropical Bliss (Dessert Bar)

Tropical Bliss (Dessert Bar)

Reviewed by Asma Marikar-Bawa | 8 months ago

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Halal Factors

With the sweltering sun back with a bang, we decided to beat the heat and cool off at Tropical Bliss by giving their range of ice creams and drinks a try.



Brownie Platter | Rs.250

The brownie itself was nothing to rave about, but paired with the ice cream it fulfilled its purpose by being a good way to cool down. The strawberries used were the frozen sort hence they were not very appetising to bite into; however, all in all it was a decent dessert to share with a friend - even though we would have preferred fresh strawberries.

Kesar and Almond Ice Cream | Rs.200

This left us pleasantly surprised. Taste wise, it reminded me of an Indian sweet - just think of it as a kaju katli ice cream. It was packed in a disposable tub, which was convenient as we couldn’t finish it there so we managed to take it back to office easily.

There was another flavour available called “fig and almond" that we didn't try.


Note: They also take ice cream orders for functions and other events.



Carrot and Orange Juice | Rs.250

Possibly my favourite of the whole afternoon. It was naturally sweet and had more orange than carrot but you still got a good mouthful of carrot-y goodness in every sip. This is great as a post-workout drink and will definitely have us coming back for more.

Brownie Milkshake | Rs.450

Not the healthiest of milkshakes but having a sweet tooth myself, I was a happy bunny. At first it tasted like a Milo flavoured drink with chunks of brownie in it, but when asked, the waiter said that no Milo had been used. We could not finish this drink in one sitting as it was too rich and very, very sweet.

Strawberry Milkshake | Rs.300

This wasn’t a regular strawberry milkshake as it had a bit of an Indian twist to it. When we asked about this, we were told that he learnt how the make these drinks in India and stated that they did not use ice cream in the milkshake itself. Taste wise, it resembled strawberry yoghurt with a very 'Bombay Sweet' after taste. Again, they used frozen strawberries which I did not care for, but all in all it was a unique take on a strawberry milkshake.


The presentation of the drinks reminded me of the ones in the Archie comics, available at “Pops choklit shop” as they had a very 'vintage soda shop'-esque vibe. 


There was only one person manning the shop; however he was very attentive and on his feet the entire time.

Interior & Ambience 

It’s a very small place. And by small, I mean SMALL. There are only two tables in the shop itself so if you’re going with a big crowd, it's best to take-away. The space isn't air conditioned and we went at around 3pm which wasn’t the best idea as it was quite hot, so if you do end up checking it out, make sure you go in the evening when it’s not so warm.


In conclusion, Tropical Bliss is a great spot to get a quick healthy juice or milkshake on the way to office or after gym. If you are in the mood for something cold with a bit of an Indian twist to it, I highly recommend the Kesar ice cream.


Bonus: They also have cremalato popsicles available.

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