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Tsukiji Uoichi

Reviewed by Duhan Veera | 10 months ago

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Tsukiji in Tokyo is one of the largest fish markets in the world. Sri Lanka is no stranger to the name as a restaurant of the same name, Tsukiji Uoichi is in Colombo. Located at Arcade Independence Square, Tsukiji is a premium Japanese restaurant operated by a Japanese expat named Mr. Hiroyuki Okayama. Tsukiji’s signature is authentic Japanese cuisine with Lankan twang and many diners seemed to enjoy the fusion of two very distinct cultures and taste.


Crunchy Ebi Tempura Roll | 4pcs (S) Rs.680 | 8pcs (L) – Rs.1280

The Crunchy Ebi Tempura Roll lived up to its name. Ebi Tempura translated to English, Prawn fried in batter, was rolled into the rice and coated with panko crisps with a garnish of caramelized onions and curry leaves to add a Lankan punch. It was a good start to our Japanese journey at Tsukiji.


Assorted Nigiri – 6 Pieces | Rs.1380

The Assorted Nigiri was a serving of a variety of Sushi on a Wooden Platter, the traditional style.  The platter included tuna, barramundi, salmon, prawn and squid. The sushi was fresh and the colleagues who were skeptical of sushi fell in love with it immediately (ZAINAB cough!) It was served with wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger.       


Karaage Classic | Rs.580

Karaage was one my favorite comfort food. Translated to English, deep fried battered chicken, it is juicy, succulent and sinful in your mouth. We were served in a portion of fice crispy pieces of meat, and I drool writing about it. A must try especially for those who aren’t comfortable with Japanese food.


Assorted Yakitori | Rs.1300

Yakitori translates to fried chicken which is usually cooked, which is a burnt chicken on an open vent grill. It is cooked in a way that the barbeque sauce and flavors are absorbed by the insides of the meat. There were two types of Yakitori served; one was “Negima” or chicken gizzard and “torimune” or chicken breast. The negima was a little rubbery but it was juicy and flavored well


Assorted Vege Tempura | Rs.680

This dish was served on a traditional Japanese weave basket along with a Mirin Dashi. The vegetables were carrots, beans, eggplant, pumpkin and radish. Dipped in the thin mirin dashi, the tempura was very flavorful and we wanted more of it.  The serving was ample and easy on the palate.


Chicken Miso Ramen | Rs.1500

The miso ramen was served with ramen noodles, boiled eggs, fish cakes, nori seaweed and boiled chicken. Though it gives a very Maggi noodles look and flavor profile, the base is miso sauce and the flavor is evident through the various components in the dish. A wonderful end to the mains.



Matcha Roll Cake | Rs.480

The Japanese favorite, Matcha or Green Tea infused Roll cake was a really good try. We were served three decent slices of cake topped with the whipped cream. The flavor of green tea was rather subtle and delicate. We liked it!


Tiramisu | Rs.480

I personally love a good tiramisu, the presentation on the dish was beautiful with biscuit crumbs over the coffee chocolate dessert. The serving was ample and adequate for two. I felt like this was a hit and miss, the tiramisu felt compressed and heavy even though the flavors were on point. However, we were surprised we found tiramisu in an authentic Japanese restaurant!


Chocolate Fondant | Rs.780

The World is becoming obsessed with the concept of hot and cold dessert. A serving of vanilla ice cream on a hot thick chocolate lava cake. It didn’t look appetizing but it was mind blowing. Everyone in the table went for extra bites as we were obsessed with it. The warm chocolate melted into the cold vanilla ice cream and was a sinful tasty experience. We cannot wait to hear how others feel tasting this.  



Virgin Mojito | Rs.480

The mojito was served with mint leaves and lime. It was refreshing and a dire need during these hot days. It cleanses your palate after every dish.


Mango Juice | Rs.480

The Mango juice was fresh. You can feel the actual mango from the pulp that comes through every gulp you take.



The presentation was that of a typical Japanese pub or Izakaya. The green bowl that served karaage or the long dish for the tempura rolls or the wooden platter for the sushi, it is all aligned with the aesthetics of an Izakaya.



I was introduced to Mr. Okayama and we had an excellent conversation using my horrid Japanese. He was cheerful and extended his invitation asking us to try anything we’d like, a form of Japanese hospitality. The staff were kind and courteous. They helped us enjoy our experience. The food was served within 15 minutes and subsequent dishes followed in regular time intervals.


Interior & Ambience

The entrance was facing the open kitchen with a bar stool arrangement facing the open kitchen. Wooden furniture with Japanese cushions were employed to bring a modern Japanese vibe to the seating arrangement. The lighting was dim to bring out the Japanese Izakaya vibe, but the views from our seating was the beautiful garden lighting at the Arcade.



Tsukiji Uoichi offers a wide range of signature Japanese Lankan fusion dishes easy on the appetites of both the locals and expats. We loved the Karaage, Vege Tempura and the Chicken Ramen and would definitely go back to try their sinful Chocolate Fondant. All in all, Wonderful food, wonderful people and great experience! Special thanks to Mr. Okayama and Head Chef Mr. Sampath Gamage for giving us an insight to the menu!    

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