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A & M Cupcakes

Reviewed by Sarah Faisal | 11 months ago

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Halal Factors

A&M cupcakes is located at Galle road, easy to spot and easy to park, thank God. Despite being a well renowned spot for cupcakes, but we think they should also be given appreciation for the price which is a complete steal for the quality of cakes they offer.



Red Velvet Cupcake | Rs.180
The cake was too pretty to eat but it was also too tempting not to, it was moist and had a generous amount of butter used in it, in a good way though. The cream cheese topping had the right balance of sweet and sour, with a hint of cheesiness that went well with the cake giving out a perfect frosting. Overall, the red velvet cake was a delight to the eyes and taste buds.

Choco Addict Cupcake | Rs.140
The name says it all, this is probably a chocolate addict’s piece of heaven. The cake was soft and not overloaded with chocolate as the frosting was filled with the right amount of dark chocolate and it very well balanced.

Almond Roast Cupcake | Rs.140
Simply breathtaking. The cake was extra soft and had the perfect butter cake taste. What we really liked was the sticky topping which held the thin almond bits and it was subtly crunchy which complemented the soft cake well. 

Chocolate Mousse | Rs.250

The chocolate came in a transparent cup, where the generous layers of white chocolate on top of the perfect shade of brown chocolate. The white chocolate had the perfect vanilla ice cream flavor to it and when mixed with the chocolate in the bottom layer, it was just the right delight to anybody that loves the feeling of mousse melting in their mouth. It was what I like to call, a spongy treat.

Brownies | Rs.265

It was your average brownie; nice crisp topping to a perfectly gooey texture from the inside and we really liked it. Though it was nothing special, it certainly wasn’t bad and didn’t have anything to complain about.

Ice coffee | Rs.150

The ice coffee came in a unlabeled plastic bottle. Let’s just say that cakes are A & M’s area of expertise. The Ice coffee was a little too watery to our tasting but it was served chilled so we didn’t really mind. The flavor of coffee was well balanced but there is room for improvement.

Chocolate Cake Pops | Rs.55

The cake pops we really cute with a dark brown shade with colorful sprinkles on it. The cake was a little dry to our tasting but the chocolate that covered it added some moisture to it. The sprinkle brought a delicate sweetness to the rich chocolate-y flavor.


A & M is surely one of the best options for satisfying your sweet tooth. The are also one of the outlet that specialize in cupcakes. We are definitely going to drop by again.

Tip- Don’t leave the cake pops out for long because you’ll have trouble  unwrapping it. Don’t forget to try their red velvet at any cost. 

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