Angel Cupcakes

Angel Cupcakes

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 8 months ago

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Halal Factors

While I was interning at a reputed international school in Palawatte, my foreign advisors used to complain how Sri Lanka has terrible bakery items including shitty cupcakes and cakes compared to the mighty ol' America! (They obviously mean no offense, and I'm sure you and I will both agree if you've tried proper stuff outside this country).

Now right down Palawatte you find an extraordinary little cupcake place. The place that my advisor urged for me try, because apparently they've got some pretty good stuff! And I kid you not, this was a next level cupcake store. It was so bloody gorgeous! Angel Cupcakes are gourmet, made with love and so far rules the cupcake biz.




Salted Caramel | Rs.160/-

The salted caramel cupcake is what caramel dreams are made of. You can see the lovely piping of vanilla icing and a puddle of thick and delicious caramel in the center. With every bite of the freshly baked cupcake and a lick of the caramel, you're bound to be in good moods.


Pani Kadju | Rs.180/-

Ah a local favorite and most certainly mine! Absolutely adored how it was fresh roasted cashew mixed around with the honey "pani" giving it an exclusive Sri Lankan touch to a not so Sri Lankan cupcake. Angel cupcakes nailed it!


Almond Joy | Rs.180/-

This certainly increases your levels of serotonin and dopamine. You don't need SSRIs or any anti depressants to lift up your moods with this one. The sliced almond bits plastered on a sweet vanilla icing was just too good to stop with just one. Try it out for a sugar rush!


Chocolate & Nuts | Rs.180/-

Incase you felt like you wanted the silky feel of the deliciously smooth chocolate like your pick up lines, and little bit of nuts for that added crunch. This one is all yours.


Coconut | Rs.160/-

Coconut cupcakes sounds very interesting, and surprisingly it tasted pretty good! I certainly enjoyed how it tasted tropical and almost like a bounty chocolate with the desiccated coconut shaving atop. Ideal for your beach parties and all, looks very beach-y.


Chocoholic | Rs. 150/-

This doesn't even need an explanation. Thankfully being a chocoholic doesn't take you to rehab! The perfect chocolate cupcake for any time of the day. Yum!


Mocha | Rs. 160/-

Incorporating chocolate and coffee has been the best decision so far. Mocha, is basically a match made in heaven and this one was pretty lit. It was soothing to have the coffee element to an otherwise average chocolate cupcake.


Passionfruit | Rs. 160/-

Not a huge fan of fruit in cupcakes, since I'm a strong believer of fruit being eaten alone. But I don't see moi complaining once I took a bite of this stunning lady! The passionfruit icing was sweet and sour and not runny, the vanilla icing complemented the gorgeous passion fruit icing, which has real passion fruit!


Choc N Vanilla | Rs. 150/-

The classic combo that never fails to surprise us, if you're afraid to make the bold move of trying out brand new flavors then this one is for you.


Choc mint | Rs. 150/-

Mint and chocolate is the other combination that can give you all the feels. The bitter sweet chocolate combined with the notoriously green icing with a strong hint of mint goes hand in hand.


White chocolate strawberry | Rs. 180/-

This looked like a strawberry tart, and was too pretty to eat! We most certainly enjoyed the tangy strawberries drenched in its juices and the slight white chocolate shaving around it!

Vanilla Bean | Rs. 150/-

Because there are yet people who simply enjoy the natural flavor of a classic vanilla cupcake.


Ribbon cake slice | Rs. 300/-

A perfectly done ribbon cake not too shabby and just right. The layers were soft and layered with vanilla filling along with their famous icing atop. This is a customer favorite and we couldn't agree more!

Double Chocolate slice | Rs. 330/-

For all your guilty pleasures and when you're just done with everything and everyone - this is your drug. So thick and chocolatey you can get into a chocolate high in no time. 5/5 for the moist chocolate sponge!


Brownie | Rs. 200/-

Unfortunately this was a bummer, it looked    deceiving as if it was the perfect crusty on top and gooey on the inside kind. But it just tasted gross, like it's been wet or uncooked.

Strawberry ganache brownie | Rs. 250/-

I don't know if the ganache and the strawberry did the trick, but this was a clear winner. Savored it till the last bite.



Cupcakes, cakes and other items can be enjoyed in house in the petite and gorgeous cafe! But since I took it away, they had it decently packed in attractive boxes that seemed perfect as a gift alternative too!


Interior and ambience

The place looked like it was a backdrop for a candy inspired Vogue shoot. It has soft pastel colors, and a comfy green sofa along with adorable sayings on the walls and the pink stripped wallpaper. Real Instagram worthy ya'll!



The staff were super friendly and sweet as your cupcake fix! 



Angel cupcakes are guaranteed to have been sent from heaven. (See how ironic that is?). The little cupcake boutique, the gourmet cupcakes and the cakes they've got to offer is HUGE and pretty awesome. I'd stay put from the brownies, and definitely keep revisiting this blessing to hit Palawatte! 

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