Arabian Knights

Arabian Knights

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 11 months ago

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Halal Factors

Back in the day, finding good shawarmas and hummus would be difficult to impossible unless you can actually go back to the Middle East or to the limited Five Star hotels that offer Middle Eastern cuisine. Arabian Knights came into action, with their mini takeaway outlet and a Syrian chef offering quick shawarmas for an incredible price. This obviously became an absolute hit which lead to the opening of a larger restaurant offering maximum capacity. We were absolutely stoked to check the place out, despite having been there a couple of times before!




Harira| Rs.490/- 

Fragrant Moroccan tomato based soup with tender bits of boneless chicken, vermicelli and Middle Eastern spices. This tasted like a mouth-watering dish with lots of paprika and Middle Eastern spices that is more or less on point. The little bits of meat complimented the soup and I’d definitely recommend it.

Cheese Sambosek| Rs.680/- 

Who wouldn’t enjoy crispy hot pockets filled with a trio of fresh and creamy assorted cheese? This is practically cheese heaven, and boy was it CHEESEY! The thick cheese ooze was solid and you know it’s freshly made too. Dip it in their secret Syrian spicy sauce, and one can never go wrong.


Arabic shawarma plate| Rs.590/- 

This is the original Syrian spicy shawarma served with dips (garlic and spicy Syrian sauce) a side of salad and fries. The salad was freshly tossed with Arabic bread croutons for the added crunch to a decent number of fries. The shawarma is neatly wrapped in khubus bread that’s lightly grilled with their infamous spicy grilled chicken meat tossed with fries, the secret sauce and pickles. The main weapon that makes Arabian Knights, an actual knight in shining armour is for their mouth-wateringly delicious sauces.

Chicken Tikka| Rs.620/- 

The chicken tikka dish comes with Arabic bread, two sticks of the perfectly marinated chicken tikka that was so juicy, succulent and full of the Indian tikka flavour that you confuse yourself with where exactly you are. The carrot salad was bomb too, giving out a refresh feel to the whole meal. LOVE LOVE!

Beef tagine with couscous| Rs.680/-

Freshly sourced local beef, slow cooked to perfection in a Moroccan clay which is the Tagine pictured below, served with couscous. The beef was too good to be true, it was cooked with a lot of herbs and Morocco inspired spices that is more or less definite perfection. The couscous was soft, fluffy and flavoured from the chicken stock. We can agree with AK that it’s not just a new item but will definably be a crowd favourite.




Camels Fury| Rs.430/-

If drinks had a competition in order, this one would win for looking furiously good. The refreshing combination of pure pineapple and strawberry is a match made in heaven and tasted absolutely divine.

Coco manama| Rs.390/-

This mix of chocolate sauce, chocolate ice cream and fresh banana sounds REALLY good. One can only put it into words when it comes to how delicious this tasted! We loved how sweet the chocolate is with the sour banana making it the ultimate smoothie.


Dessert (Obviously if you’ve tried)


Creamy fruits| Rs.520/- 

This is a sweet blend of fruits topped with fresh flavoured cream and chocolate sauce with a biscotti base. There were watermelon cubes, mango, papaya sprinkled with pomegranate seeds and pistachio along with the cherry on top and a chocolate wafer. It was surprisingly refreshing and fresh, and the cream was full of flavour!


The dishes were served in an authentic way as possible; for instance, the tagine. The dishes look really appetising, and I can guarantee you that it’ll look absolutely picture perfect once you turn on your phones for the mandatory picture.



The fact that the waiters are well equipped with the menu is a bonus so they don’t have to keep running back in and out to see if it’s available or not.  


Interior & Ambience 

The moment you walk in you feel like you’ve been transported to another nation. The moody, dark colour combination and the stained-glass paintings to the cushion seating and the lanterns screams Middle Eastern.



AK seems to have a pretty solid menu in terms of the variety they’ve got to offer, however it is to note that their shawarma may taste slightly different to other restaurants since they go by with the Dubai style and Syrian style shawarmas. Furthermore, we really hope AK continuous to wow their customers with consistency! 

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